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The last couple years I've been traveling and having my birthday in warm places. This year I'm Australia. My parents still wanna give me a birthday present and they manage to come up with some awesome things. While living in the Caribbean they gave me a Whale Watch Trip. In Ghana they sent me to Mole Park to see the elephants and now in Australia they gave me a day trip in Coral Bay to go to the Ningaloo Reef.

My friends Jess and Adam, and me, took a few days off from work. We drove from Carnarvon naar Coral Bay on Thursday. All campsites were fully booked and the hostel was really expensive so we decided to camp illegal behind the sand dunes behind the local air strip. On Thursday we just hangout on the beach and I  made a long beach walk.

Unfortunately showering was not an option since we didn't stay on a campsite. So we just used the beach showers. The water that was supposed to be fresh water, was as salty as the ocean. So there was not even a point in having a shower in the first place.

On Friday we booked our trip with Ningaloo Reef Tours. A full day trip on a boat. Jess and Adam went diving, I went snorkeling. I have a hole in my eardrum, so I can't dive. Bad luck! But I had nothing to complain. I had a great day. Starting with some snorkeling on the reef. The second time we went looking for mantra rays and we saw a huge one. We were allowed to snorkel above them and I was so excited, because it was a huge mantra ray and they are so beautiful!!
The third part was swimming with reef sharks.

I have to admit, I was scared!!! I didn't know that reef sharks are 'harmless' so I was shitting my shorts in the beginning. I could have stayed at the boat, but I knew I was going to regret that. So I went out and had the time of my life! The sharks are amazing. It was an adventure!
I can only thank my parents for giving me this as a birthday present, because I would have never done it if I had to pay it my self. I was on a budget, so I didn't had the money for it. Thanks mom and dad!!!
Excited and tired we had dinner, posted some pics on my computer and went back to our camp behind the air strip. All salty and feeling dirty. We had some beers and after that is was time to sleep. It was an amazing day!

We still had Saturday left for some fun. We went off road in the dunes with my car for some action. We got stuck a couple of times, but managed to get out of the soft sand with some help from experienced off road drivers. I never did off road driving in the dunes before and really enjoyed it. The tric is to go as fast as you can, and you won't get stuck. So I was driving as a maniac and my friends thought they were going to die ...

On Sunday it was time to leave... Work was calling us again...

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Coral Bay
photo by: tj1777