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So, on the 23rd I left Melbourne. I made some cool friends at the campsite. One of them, Martin, a German guy, came with me. From Melbourne we drove to Horseham and Mt Arapiles. Mt Arapiles is Australia #1 climbing area. Unfortunately no one could borrow us ropes and other climbing gear so we were limited to do some bouldering. I really wanne come back here some day, because the climbing opportunities are just amazing! Unfortunately we only had two nights to spend here. We were camping at a bush campsite, which was extremely cheap, $2 a night!

On Sunday we had to leave this paradise and we continued to Adelaide. At the end of the day I met up with TB's Matthew (matthew1982) and Derek (derekbilldaly) for a couple of beers in Adelaide city centre. Unfortunately everything closed early, because it was Sunday. On Monday Martin and I spend the day shopping and exploring Adelaide. We didn't see much more than shops and the botanical gardens... Martin decided to stay here and look for a job. I had to leave next day to meet my new collegues in Port Lincoln.
After a 7h drive I had the best welcome some one can imagine. My collegues where waiting for me with beers and bbq. We spend the night at the beach with a gitar and beers. That was awesome! It was a really good start!
Next day my boss explained me everything about the job and gave me some training. My jon basicly is signing people up to donate on a regular basis to a charity. I work on commission, so if I don't sign people up, I don't earn any money. We talk to people on the street, in shopping malls and knock at their doors. Hard work, most people are not really friendly. But the one that are friendly make it a good day. My collegues are awesome. Just as crazy as I am. Four Canadians and one Ozzie and me. It's good fun.
We're travelling from city to city. After Port Lincoln we went to Ceduna.
From Ceduna we drove 1500km over the Nullabor Plain to Kalgoorlie. We made it in 15h, but it was a long drive. I drove by myself. The Nullabor Plain is a straight road with nothing but endless sights. Roadsigns warn you for kangaroos, wombats, emu's and what ever, but during 15h the only animals I saw, where roadkill kangaroos... Nullabor is latin for 'no trees'. This is almost true, there are hardly any trees... Loud music and lots of snacks kept me awake. Just before midnight we arrived in Kalgoorlie, Australia's goldmine city. Since it was Saturday we decided we could use some fun and beers and headed out to the city centre. Somehow I managed to get $20 on the pooltable without playing... It was a fun night!

Kalgoorlie promised to be a good place to work. Loads of men come here to work for a few years in the mines, make shitloads of money and go back home to build a house. People have money here. It was an awesome week indeed. I made it to #3 fundraiser in whole Australia for the charity we're working for. No one ever managed to do that in a second week. So I have to admit, I'm proud of it.
On Saturday was my bday. I decided to celebrate it on Friday night. My collegues and many people who stayed in the hostel prepared a great party for me. Pizza and beer to start the night with, some small presents and a piƱada to hit. After all this fun we went out. I had a great night. It was a really good bday. Enjoyed every moment of it! My collegues are the best!
On Sunday we moved on to Albany via the beautiful beach of Esperance. There wasn't much work here, so we moved on to Busselton, where we are right now. Here we're renting this amazing holiday house near the beach, for the same price as we should pay in a hostel. It seems to be a great place, so we're staying here for a week.

It's a bit a short story. I have the feeling, that I can't impress how cool every thing is, but the reason might be that I had a couple of beers, before writing this entry... Next entry will be of more quality :p


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