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Wow, can't believe how fast 2009! A great year of traveling for me. The last month of the year was one with mixed feelings. Some things were absolutely the best, the kind of things I was hoping for while being in Australia. Some things just sucked!

Let's start with the "sucked part". Like I wrote in the previous update, work isn't quite what I expected it to be. In December I hardly had any paid work, so I did lots of WWOOFing (which ain't too bad because it counts for a second year visa, but the weeding day in day out fucked up my back...). My bosses and I weren't friends. That's what I mentioned before, but I was still being polite and discreet. But now after things happend and the situation exploded, I can say: he is a total ass and she's an absolute b*tch!! I've spend three months with them. Working my ass off, cleaning up their mess, never getting a friendly word and being used for shitty jobs, I'm so done with it! I decided to stay till after New Year and then it was time to go...
Ow and it rained for at least two weeks straight! We had to evacuate people of the river who were kayaking. The water level rose so much in a short time, that it became really dangerous for people on the river. It were a couple of stressful hours. Imagine 40 people on a dangerous river spread out over 25km... Luckily no one died.

Now the fun part. I had one more school camp in December and like the two others, it was good fun. It were the cadets of a private school and we had quite a streneous program for them. After three weeks of camping in the bush it was time for a couple of days off. In the weekend after the last camp was a great music festival, Subsonic, in the middle of nowhere. It was really poor advertised, looking at the bands that played on the festival. There were a couple of Australia's Top 10 bands. The best way to describe the festival is by saying that it was a festival for the modern hippy of today. All different styles of music, three stages, river to swim in, sprinklers to cool you down while dancing, camping next door and drinking beer all day long (and smoking a joint for many others, I don't smoke myself). There was space for a few thousend people, but there were only about 500 people. That made the festival just as good. No lines for food and drinks, clean toilets, and just the best atmospfere ever! It was really really good! Life music 24hours for three days! It was Sunday afternoon way toooo soon.
Christmas is not my thing. I didn't had to expect anything from my bosses. They just told me to take care of myself. I got an invitation for lunch from an older couple I met a few times. In Gloucester are no young people and there is nothing to do, so it was my only option. Even though I don't like christmas, the idea of spending it by myself was a sad thought. So I happily took the invitation and got in my best backpacker clothes to head out for lunch. It felt like I was dining by my grandparents. The people were really nice and friendly and the lunch was delicious. It was nice to spend some time with them.
Then, it was finally NYE!! When I came to Australia I thought, I don't wanna celebrate NYE in a big city. Too many people and too expensive. I changed my mind somewhere in last few months. I went back to Sydney, to meet a few of the Dutchies I met on my flight to Australia. Because I had to work and all the hostels obligate you to stay a minimum of 10 days for a high price, I wasn't able to find accommodation in Sydney. My only option was to take the train on the 31st and take the train back the next day. So that was what I did. I met the guys late afternoon opposite of the Opera House on the other side of the river and next to the Harbour Bridge. We where sitting in one of the few parks where you could bring your own drinks and we had a great view on the Opera House and the Bridge. So we had a great spot. It was a small park full with Dutchies, Germans and Asians. It was a great place to hang out for a couple of hours.
At 9pm was the kids fireworks and that was spectaculair already. It promised to be a fantastic night. Counting down the seconds to midnight with a couple of 100.000 people is amazing! And the fireworks were the best I've ever seen! The 4th of July in the United States or the 14th of July in France, are small compared to this.

So now it is 1-1-2010!! Happy New Year!


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photo by: Globevoyager