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A few days ago I left Byron Bay. Feeling sick, my head full of snot, sore muscles, blocked nose, headache and tired... I had a ten hour drive to Terrigal, a little beach town at the Central Coast, 80km north of Sydney. The only two things that kept me awake was the loud music (I bought two cd's with reggea and dub music) and me sneezing every half hour... pretty dangerous when you drive 110km/h and you have to sneeze, because you will close your eyes...
Arriving at the hostel, a YHA, the owner was very friendly and gave me a private room so I wouldn't keep every one awake with my coughing all night long.

Next morning, not feeling any better at all, I left after the morning rush to drive to Sydney. I had to drop off the rental car in down town Sydney, William Street. For people who don't know this area: one-way streets every where, busy day and night, some streets are just for buses and taxi's, and so on...
Every thing went just perfect, until a 100m away from my destination... I missed the side street and took the worst exit possible. I was back on the highway, to Canberra!!! F*ck... First option to return to town was the airport, 15km out of the Hertz drop off location.
On my way back to town, I had to pay toll. Of course I stopped to far away from the automatic toll booth that I had to back up and drive closer. Luckily there was no one behind me, because all Sydney locals have electric toll passes and no other travellers are that crazy to drop off a car in down town Sydney (they all go to the airport, smart...). Driving so close to the booth that I could actually put a $10 bill in the machine; the machine didn't accept it and spit it out on the ground!!! No!! Now I was so close to the booth that I couldn't open my door... shit shit shit! When you're feeling like shit, this is not funny (a few hours later I was able to laugh about it aswell).
Finally paid and then I found out that I came to high out on the street... here we go again. I felt desperate. Finally found a spot where I could park the car (which is a miracle in the CBD). I was about to cry. That's how shitty I felt. If I hadn't been sick, it wouldn't have been such a drama... I look like drama queen now probably...
Getting out of the car I waved down a taxi. I asked him to drive in front of me to my destination, because I didn't wanna miss it again. This time I reached the Hertz. I paid the taxi driver and dropped off the car.
I would have been perfectly on time if it wasn't for all the detours I made. Now I was an hour late... Luckily they were very friendly from Hertz. I called them after I got lost the first time. They didn't charged me for being late.

That night I had a mini meet up. It was supposed to be the four of us, but only Nikieta (Borneonikieta) made it. We met at O'Malleys Irish Pub in Kings Cross. The bar was filled with 18 year old screaming people, but we managed to talk. After a while two guys came up to us and they joined the conversation. They suggested to go to a different place and we ended up in Oxford Street, Sydney's gay and lesbian nightlife scene. In my home town we have a gay friendly bar and I've been there once. But I've never seen any thing this extravagant!! It was soooo over the top. But we had so much fun with those two guys, dancing to good music and watching people. Crazy night! Unfortunately I couldn't make it a big night, because I was still feeling ill.
Nikieta took a taxi home and I walked back to my hostel and went straight to bed. It was really nice meeting Nikieta. We talked a lot about traveling (of course, what else...?) and Australia. I'm leaving and she just arrived for her study.
I have to steal the pictures from Nikieta, because I didn't take my camera. So you might have to wait a bit before I post them, but they WILL come :-)

Yesterday was my last full day in Sydney, in Australia. Went to the outdoor adventure gear shops, needed new shoes but couldn't find what I was looking for. Went to the Paddy's Market to buy my final souvernirs... Why is it so hard to buy stuff for some people. You don't wanna buy anything crap that ends up in the closet. In the end I bought some typical Australian cookies and a few cans of beer. That will do.
It was time to pack my back. I must admit that I was surprised by how much crap I was actually carry around. I threw so much stuff away that I didn't use for a year or just don't need when I come back home... I come home with less stuff than when I left home, even after all those souvernirs...

In two hours I will take the airport shuttle. It's weird. After exactly 11 months I will leave Australia. I know that I'm leaving, but there are no emotions. I do wanna stay, but I do wanna go home too. I'm not sad, I'm not happy... Normally I'm excited or unhappy to go home after traveling. Feeling nervous and all, but not this time...
Not looking forward to the long flight though... First 11 hours to Singapore, then 12 hours to London and finally 1 hour to Amsterdam.
My parents will pick me up and bring me home made dark bread with Dutch cheese :-) Can't wait! Ow yeah, and I will get a "broodje kroket" ;-) My own bed... My dog!!! My friends!! There are actually many things to look forward to! It's not so bad going home after such a long time!

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photo by: Sunflower300