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Gold Coast Sky Line

After an amazing time in Alice Springs, I flew to Brisbane with a short stop-over in Sydney. Just one night in Brisbane and it was a good one. I stayed at Tinbilly Backpackers and next door was a pub. Plan was just to have one beer and go to bed, but it did't work out that way... It was ladies night and free cocktails. I get sick when I drink cocktails, but when they're free it's hard to resist. Unfortunately I had to pay the price with a hangover. Luckily not a big one.

At 11am I had to pick up my rental car from Hertz. A Ford Focal Automatic. What a power!! I drove away with squeeking tyres... I have a bit more control over the car now... A quick drive to Surfers Paradise where it was time for more fun.
It was still cold, but at least the sun was out and made it more acceptable.

A bit of shopping, relaxing, hanging out at the beach and playing volleyball.
Since it was Friday, it was time to go out. Together with a Canadian girl we went to this club called the Bedroom. Probably because the bartenders are wearing tiny bra's and panties... Since I'm a backpacker who's been away for a year, I didn't have many fancy clothes. So I was so out of place in my baggy pants, sneakers and top that every one was looking at me what I was doing there. Even the bouncer had to wonder if they could let me in or not...

Saturday night is the BIG NIGHT OUT in Surfers Paradise. Several hostels are involved. With about 200 backpacker you move from one bar to the next and free drinks in every place. First time that I did something like this. It was crazy and so much fun.

Byron Bay
Every one got a glow stick, but some how I ended up with nine of them...

Next morning, Sunday, I had to leave and drive to Byron Bay. Driving down from Brisbane I was shocked by the view of buildings and building and building all along the highway to Surfers Paradise. After spending six months on the West Coast where it hardly populated, I wasn't used to such a crowded area.
I choose to drive through the Hinterland to reach Byron Bay after three hours of beautiful scenery without traffic or buildings every where.

Byron Bay is a nice place. Probably a bit bigger than Broome, but I like it here. I'm staying at the Arts Factory. A famous and popular backpacker resort. It's a hippy place. Every thing is calm and relax.
I did a bit of shopping, got a massage, hung out at the beach, went to the Light House and visited Australia's most eastern point: Cape Byron.

The weather sucks. It's been raining for 24 hours straight. I was bored and decided to go for a drive. I drove up to Nimbin through the hills. Nimbin is famous. In 1973 was the Aquarius Festival held here and this place is know for smoking pot (weed). It is illegal! But after hearing stories from locals, people get hardly ever busted. Police does come with snifferdogs every now and then. But they can't knock on your door without a warrant. So local get really creative.
Some how, every one thinks I smoke. Just because I'm from the Netherlands, which translate as: You're from Amsterdam so you smoke. First of all, I'm not from Amsterdam and second of all, not all Dutchies smoke! Personally, I never smoked, but I don't mind when other do when I'm around.

So I was just really curious how it worked in this little village. People fight for legalizing it. All locals are stoners. Day and night. I couldn't find one sober local...
I visited the Nimbin museum and walked around the streets. People are friendly, some try to sell you pot, others ask for money, but most of them just smile at you.

Tomorrow I'm driving to Terrigal where I will spend the night. Terrigal is about 80km north of Sydney's city centre. I have to drop off the rental car in the morning. Friday night there is a small TB meet up in Kings Cross.
On Saturday I will sleep in and organise all my stuff. On Sunday it's time to fly home after exactly 11 months... Can't believe that these 11 months are over. Time went past so quick!!

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Gold Coast Sky Line
Gold Coast Sky Line
Byron Bay
Byron Bay
Water Dragon
Water Dragon
Byron Bays Light House
Byron Bay's Light House
Australias most eastern point: Ca…
Australia's most eastern point: C…
Me at Cape Byron
Me at Cape Byron
Byron Bay
photo by: SFGiantsGirlie