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my sister riding bike to train station

My sister Pincky,  lives in Otsuka, its 4 stations away from Shinjuku, the JAPAN we see in the movies.

Getting around Japan is really convenient, unless you're really really rich, you can afford to have a car in Japan, but if not, like the rest of the population, you take the train.  Locals ride bicycles from their house to the train station, park it, ride, and then, ride back, and bike back to the house. 

We went to Shinjuku, and took the train, station was JAMPACKED!! there were so many people, especially during rush hours. 

Speaking of trains, they have this really really cute thing for people who likes to keep souvinir, they have what they call "Stamp Rally", they have it in almost every station, and every train line.

  you should look out for it, its always near the exit, when you insert your ticket in the machine.

Not only in train stations, they do it in malls, in tv station tours, etc. its really a Japanese thing,

Tip: so i suggest if you're going to alot of different places, make sure to bring a planner, or a notebook, thats light enough to be carried in your bag, so that WHEREVER you see one, you can stamp it on your planner, its a memorabilia that you have been to that place

check this out:

When we got to Shinjuku, there was soooo many things to see, from the lights, to the Pachinko centers, to the Purikura (Print Club) booths, arcades, UFO catchers, to the porn posters, food stands, 2nd hand branded shops (OMG!!) to buildings that are TV as well,  so much to take in, its amazing.

So many different kinds of food to try!

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my sister riding bike to train sta…
my sister riding bike to train st…
messy subway map
messy subway map
photo by: andytite