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Kirin Building, and the place where you buy ticket for the galaxy ship
As i said on my previous entry, that was just a preface. My sister told me that this is also a tourist spot.

When we got out of the temple, you will see the Kirin Building, it has a 3D logo on top of it, hard to miss! its so cool! :)

First of all, Odaiba is a separate island from Tokyo, it is man-made island and its amazing!!! how people can just make something that we thought only God can.  It is a booming city as well.  Odaiba is connected with Tokyo by the Rainbow Bridge (if i am not mistaken, accdg to Disovery, it is the longest suspension bridge ever built).  You can go to Odaiba by train, bus, or ferry.  or you can swim haha

we went to the station where you buy ticket ride for the ferry to Odaiba.
Galaxy Express 999 CRAZZZZYYYy!!!

Everyday in Tokyo just gets better and better, it never failed to amaze me for 15 days! 

when i got into the docks where we go in the ferry.  I see this CRAZY CRAZY!!!! futuristic, space-ship like, capsule-like, made out of some sort of aluminum alloid or whatever, made real from a person's imagination!!!  and it was.  it is called the Galaxy Express 999!!! its CRAZY! JAPANESE PEOPLE ARE CRAZYYY!!!! hahaha they are driving me nuts with all of these SUPER OVERLY EXAGGERATED ordinary things!!!! they make everything EXTRAORDINARY.  Ordinary seems to be illegal in Japan! haha.  they made this ship from a cartoonist's illustration in his comic book and made it into life!  read more about it here

in Frisco

the Galaxy Express 999's design was so OUTRAGEOUS and AMAZING that it won the annual "Good Design Award" hahahaha  i swear this is real, they have a "Good Design Award" Committee! LOL!!!

the ferry takes you around, i think 2 hours to get to Odaiba, but you can opt to ride the train, which takes you like 30 mins or less, it is your choice which way you wanna take.  As for me, being inside the ferry is not really a big deal, after seeing it from outside. it just looks like a space station or something with white tables and chairs, and the roof is made out of glass, so you can see the sky from inside, so its not claustrophobic, but i thought 2 hours is too much time to spend in a ship, the most important thing for me is SEEING the galaxy ship! ITS CRAZYYYYY!!  and  there are alot to do in Odaiba, so 2 hours is too long.
in NY haha

when we arrived, there was a smaller version of the Statue of Liberty haha, so when you take a picture close to it, it looks like its far away, its funny.  its like being in NY, the East side (of USA) and then on the other side of the dock, was the Rainbow bridge that looks like the San Francisco bridge! the West side (of USA).  so its like taking pictures in America. haha.

In the mall, we went to the Coca-Cola Museum / Souvenir shop, EVERYTHING Coca Cola.
"Hi, my name is Candie, and i was a coke addict!" haha 
i loveD coke, please see i stressed past tense, i had to reduce, i have a big tummy. 
they have coca cola bottles, ovens, chairs, umbrella, beach umbrella, pic nic umbrella, coasters, ball, magnets EVERYTHING!  Even take picture with the Coke Polarbear.
Fuji Terebi
what a cutie.

also inside the mall, i got to see Aibo, the robot dog, its really amazing that you can get attached to nuts-and-bolts, it really acts like a real dog. it is so cute, it has sensor on its head and you can pat him, and also teach him tricks because he has mic where the ears are supposed to be, so you can teach it to sit, bark, or whatever. ITS AMAZING.  Pincky took a picture of a kid who's petting Aibo, he seemed to be attached to the "dog". (aww..)

and then we went to Fuji Terebi (as in short cut for Television) haha,  and as i was saying before, the Stamp Rally, they had one there, you have to complete all the 6 or 8 stamps inside the 25 floor building.  the building of Fuji TV was another CRAZY CRAZY AMAZING structure.  it has a ball hanging, i think it is a viewing area, gosh, i just dont know how Japanese people think haha.
Me and fuji terebi's mascot cutie
they are so crazyyyyyy!!!

anyway, you follow the tour guide, to see the sets for live entertainment shows, and rooms for famous local characters, and booths where you can take silly pictures, like being the news caster for the Fuji Tv News, or part of the cast of a cartoon show.  for me, only the locals and people who live in japan and watch their shows can appreciate their props, but it didnt stop me from taking more pictures haha.

We went up and down to complete the 8 stamps or so and if you complete it within the day, you get to keep the paper with stamps, and show it to the redemption booth to claim a prize, i got plastic folder with the station's mascot printed on it, and some post cards!  the mascot was also there when we finished the tour, and took pictures with him, its a blue dog that looks kinda like snoopy. haha.

whew! it was a tiring day but it didnt end here...

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Kirin Building, and the place wher…
Kirin Building, and the place whe…
Galaxy Express 999 
Galaxy Express 999 CRAZZZZYYYy!!!
in Frisco
in Frisco
in NY haha
in NY haha
Fuji Terebi
Fuji Terebi
Me and fuji terebis mascot cutie
Me and fuji terebi's mascot cutie
Coke Polar Bear
Coke Polar Bear
photo by: stevenguyen