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My sister said she would bring me to the famous temple a few train rides away from her home.  She said this is a famous tourist spot. a must-see for first time goers to Japan. Asakusa.
Asakusa is where the temple Sensoji  is, the major trademark of this temple is the big red lantern hanging by the gate.
When you walk inside, you'll see this great stretch of stores, selling souvenirs, like key chains, fans,  small lanterns, face towels, and traditional Japanese treats.  There are soooooo much to see and soooooo much to take in, there are so many colors, and cute-sy little stuff that Japanese people are so annoyingly good at!  that would make you wanna buy everything you see, until you do some mental calculation, and then you say, "what?! are u kidding me!?" haha. 

it will awaken all your 5 senses!  seeing kitty in a kimono (aww... i know!), smelling the sweet smelling treats! and tasting some free samples (no purchases required, haha), hearing all different kinds of languages (english, chinese, german, russian...), and feeling the people who are amazed at what they are seeing, IT IS AMAZING.

tip: dont hold the merchandise unless you want to buy, especially food products! they tend to get a little sensitive about this if you just soil the packaging.

There are like maybe a hundred stores back to back, selling everything that us sucker tourists will buy haha.  I went there during summer, it was really warm, so they were also selling summer treats, like choco-strawberry (its a cold strawberry dipped into a quick-dry chocolate (as i call them haha) also snow cones (yumyum), and cold drinks and fresh fruits sticks!!!

after you walk through the market area, you see a GIANT red lantern, with Chinese (Kanji) characters written on them, and then you start smelling the insence.  there are fortune telling areas, its a Buddhist practice where you can ask questions, and get answers by shaking a can full of sticks with numbers  until a stick falls out; pick up the stick, and see the corresponding drawer with your supposed "answer" is in.  ( i didnt try this one out, but i think it's in japanese, so you can have it interpreted or something).  beside it is where you can write down your wish, and then fold it, and tie it on one of the strings on the stand.  (see my photo, i was just posing haha)

then you go further inside, you see a big giant bowl of burning insence; they say if you have body ache or headache or something, fan the smoke to your direction, they believe it will make you feel better.  see the photo? thats me and Mr. Tanba, he's funny and really hospitable, he's my sister's boyfriend. ("Take our aches away....")

and then you can go in, and go light a few sticks of incense, take a photo, or just enjoy the grand structure of the temple, see locals kneeling, praying.  afterwards, you could wash your hands with cold water just beside the temple, i dont know what its for, maybe just to freshen you up, but i saw some locals drinking from it. ?:-/

anyway, this is just an preface for my next blog, on my way to Odaiba!!!!!!!!!!! hoorah!

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photo by: PrestwickUK