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It has been difficult to sleep, i was worried, i was worried that if i arrive at Narita Interantional Airport, I would be "lost in translation" and not be able to find the booth that sells the tickets and not see my sister!!!

But thank God, it wasnt as difficult as I expected it to be, when i went down to the baggage claiming area, I found my bag! and then went straight to the phone booth to call my sister on her cell. 

Tip: Japan does not use SIM cards, so even if i activate my roaming, i cant use it.  They have cell stations there where you can rent cellphones, i dont know how much they cost, but maybe its a good idea, or else they wont make a business out of it right? lol

It was unbelievable, i was actually in JAPAN!  named sa the most expensive city in the world, and yet, i was able to go there. it just won't sink in.  When i got to talk to her, i was so excited that i was gonna see her.

Then i was on my task to buy the next bus bound for Century Hyatt Tokyo (this is near where my sister works).  Fortunately, there were Filipinos who were on the same flight, who spoke Japanese, and helped me communicate with the sales lady on the front desk, but their English isnt so bad anyway.   It costs JPY 3,000.

Tip:  for Americans or Europeans who will go to Japan, and worry that Japanese people wouldnt understand what you are saying, well, say it slowly, and in as few words as possible.  To start with, you are prally white/black, and really tall, and maybe blond or a red head, meaning YOU LOOK REALLY FOREIGN.  thats enough for them to start panicking and shutdown every "english" in their brain. 

2:35 PM, the bus arrives ON THE DOT.  I swear i dont know anyone else who are as promt as the Japanese.  I get in, whew! I get front seat, bigger leg room, and it won't be as dizzy as sitting way at the back; plus, i get to see the view.  it was amazing for me to see a bus, with a toilet in it, its so cool, i have never seen one before, though i never got to use it.  So this means, the bus, has no stop over, it is a continuous drive.

speaking of driving, it was almost funny, coming from a country with no discipline in driving, when the driver since we left at 2:35PM stayed in the same lane until we reached Tokyo! haha.  what a smooth drive,you can really get some rest there.

I arrived, a little exhausted and finally saw my sister. hooray!


Eric says:
Thanks for the tips! Japan sounds cool.
Posted on: Apr 17, 2007
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