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I'm going to India with about fifteen other people for a sociology course. It's two weeks before we leave, and we're all getting very excited. My good friend, Kate, is going on the trip with me. I'm sure everyone who reads this will hear a lot of our conversations. Sitting here, packing, I get a call from her. These are exerpts of our conversations:

Kate: "Do you know any burly or strong guys that can help me move my boxes from my room to my car?"
Lauren : "Was that a joke or a question?!?"

Lauren: So I was watching this show about India and Thailand last night and they showed a temple and whomever they were worshipping in the temple decided they'd fill it with rats. So there are like 20,000 rats and it's a Hindu temple so you have to  take your shoes off.
I'd rather stand outside and be raped then go into the rat temple!
Kate: I'm so putting that in my away message tonight.

Kate: "You know that it's 90 degrees in India right now!"
Lauren: "We're gonna die.

Kate: "You keep me from getting typhoid and I'll keep you from getting malaria."
Lauren: "I'll also keep you away from rabid monkeys."

Kate: "There is a Monkey Temple in Jaipur!!!!!....... I'm doomed (hahahahaha)"
Lauren: "Hahahahaha ohhh Jesus save us all. Even me. Jewish as I am....No, I'm just kidding. If I can stand outside and be raped at the rat temple, you can do the same at the monkey temple."

Welcome to the Life and Times of Kate and Lauren, I hope you enjoy your stay while I update our lives over the next two weeks while we get ready to leave, and three weeks later as I update the blog about the actual trip.

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