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Batad in the morning

Since we promised Jun that we would be at the junction by 8am, we made sure we gave ourselves enough time for the trek.  We decided to hire porters to carry our bags for us.  Hehe.  It's P150 for 1 porter to carry 1 bag, but they don't mind carrying more if the bags are small and light.  We knew that with our backpacks it would probably take us forever to get to the top :P

Our eyes twinkled every time we saw a shed from afar.  We welcomed every opportunity to sit and gather whatever energy we may still have left.  At times it felt as if we were walking endlessly.  It didn't help much when we would come across some of the villagers who were carrying large boxes, bags, bottles of drinks and trekking with ease!  This one guy was even carrying a sack of rice on his back.

see the white dots at the top? that's the junction :( so near yet so far
  When we could finally view the junction from below, we were happy that we were getting close, but it also looked like it was still so far up the mountain! 

We were delighted to find out that Jun wasn't already at the junction waiting for us.  Ha! and he thought we wouldn't get there by 8am.  But, what if he left us???

While waiting, we saw other tourists arrive.  The first thing they did was to rent walking sticks, but I think it was easier for us to just hold on to the rocks or whatever with our hands.  It was very tempting to joke them to back out while they still can and wish them luck too :P  Then we noticed a guy who came up after us, and we remembered seeing him at the inn.  We asked him if he was headed for Banaue and if he wanted to ride and share the jeep with us. 

When the jeep finally showed up, we teased Jun and told him that we had been waiting for him for ages! (though we were waiting for barely 10 minutes when he showed up...haha).  Our new friend's name was Arnaud, and he was a French tourist who will be staying in the Philippines for 2 weeks.  As expected though, his short stay here would bring him to places I haven't been to yet.  He mentioned that he had left his backpack in Banaue and just brought a few important things.  Then we realized that we should have done the same thing.  Bringing all our stuff down to the village was not a good idea!

Once we got to the town proper, Arnaud went on his way, while we checked-in at Stairway Lodge and left our stuff there so we wouldn't have to bring everything to Sagada

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Batad in the morning
Batad in the morning
see the white dots at the top? tha…
see the white dots at the top? th…
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