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On Tuesday, Annette went back to Amsterdam, and the rest of us moved on to Namur. Even though we had thoroughly enjoyed Bouillon, Sarah, Steve and I were thrilled to be back in a city with internetcaf�s (civilization !), shops, traffic (but no taxis, we learned that night), night-life and all that. A city the size of Deurne (Antwerp�s largest suburb), but nontheless the capital of Wallonia. And what would a capital city be without ripp-offs ? DO NOT EAT AT THE FIRST CHIP SHOP YOU ENCOUNTER AFTER CROSSING THE BRIDGE THAT GOES PAST THE ARCHEOLOGICAL MUSEUM FROM THE CITADEL SIDE OF THE SAMBER ! �cuz they will scam you big time ! I had payed for about 5 � worth of food with a 50 � note (of which I am 100% sure, because that was all I had in my wallet, and I had been thinking I needed to break it all day), but they only gave me back change for 10 �, which thay claimed was what I gave them, and there is no way I could prove otherwise, unless the police would�ve agreed on fingerprinting the notes, but I don�t think they would have so I didn�t bother and just demanded � my � 10 � back and we went to eat elsewhere. 40 � down the drain ! Maybe in the future I should mark my banknotes ? But let�s not have this unpleasant experience ruin the image of Namur : it�s overall a pleasant place with a pretty old town, an impressive citadel (at least seen from below, it was a bit disappointing when we got up there, as most of it seemed to be closed for reconstruction), about a dozen museums, lots of pubs and restaurants, and good public transport during the day.

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photo by: planxty