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This globalfreeloaders thing really does not work. The girl with whom I was supposed to stay in Moscow stopped replying to my e-mails a few days before I went there. The first thing I did when I arrived, after having left my backpack at the left luggage office, was go to an internet cafe, but no luck. So I spent the next half day looking for an affordable hotel - an impossible task as it turned out, so I ended up at a 1000 Rubel (almost 30 Euro) room with not even hot water, a "little problem" the receptionist "forgot" to tell me about until I had checked in and paid. She also told me I would have to move to another room the next day. So the next morning I pack my stuff, go down to reception and ask if someone speaks English. No, but the nice security guard (if you need help in Russia, just smile at a security guard) called someone for me on the phone. I asked her about it, and she talked to the receptionist for me. They seemed puzzled that I wanted another room. Was there something wrong with this one? Yes, it's overpriced and there isn`t hot water, but I doubted I would find something better and din't want to waste time looking for one, so I said it was fine. I didn`t manage to get the fact that I was only asking about it because I was told I could not stay where I was across to the woman on the phone, or to the receptionist who claimed to speak German, but after some effort I did manage to tell them that I preferred to stay where I was. This is when I learnt even the simplest things (another example is buying a train ticket, maybe I`ll tell you about that later) can be quite complicated in Russia. But after my experience trying to get into the Russian consulate in Antwerp (maybe I`ll tell you about that later, too), what else could I have expected?

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