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Needed knowledge:
merci (mercy) = thank you
pardon (pard - ON) = excuse me
billet (be-yay) = ticket
simple (samp) = one-way

Day 1:
Upon arrival, we headed to L'Hotel de Republique.  It had free breakfast of OJ, coffee, breads, free dialup, and tiny rooms.  I don't recommend the hotel since it was small, uncomfortable and not safe feeling.  For instance, we were on the ground floor, so people could walk into our room through the window (no way of closing it).  So I locked all my stuff up to the radiator whenever I left.  However, it fit the budget..literally.  It was affordable.

We headed off for Basilique da Sacre-Coeur which was a very beautiful place.  The Basilica itself wasn't the main attraction, but I enjoyed the green hillside, the view and the atmosphere of the place.
Arc du Triomphe
  You may not take pictures inside the Basilica despite there being no signs saying so.  The lady next to me took a picture with a flash and was prompty escorted out.  So I only took a couple pictures myself.  After wandering around the hill for a bit, and finding this odd watertowerish thingy, we found this beautiful square with artists that did very nice work.  Again, the atmosphere was nice and the food pricy -- so we didn't eat.  I'd go to the roof of Sacre-Coeur if you can, but since we just arrived from London, it was already late, so the roof was closed.

Day 2:
I was very excited, and then not so excited.  I'm not a big fan of some things like shopping and palaces.  I like culture and old things.
Notre Dame
  However, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see Versaille, so today, it was off to Versaille.  We took the Metro there, found the wonderful place and then found it was closed due to a concert going on that day.  I was a bit put off.  But, we're abroad and seeing new places, you can't let yourself get too down.  So, instead, we headed to Saint Louis' Cathedral which was ok.  We also found a nice place to get a jambon et flamage sandwich which we took to go and ate in a nice park at the bottom of the hill near Versaille.  The lake was quite nice, but I was mostly impressed with a huge floating log.  So we sat on a ledge, ate our sandwich and just for a bit.  It turned out to be a pretty nice day.

Next up, back to Paris!  We figured that Notre Dame would take too long, so we went straight to dinner at Refuges de Fonduges.
Eiffel Tower - enlarge to see the lights better
  I cannot recommend this place enough -- eating here is a true experience.  You have to step over the table to get to your seat, drink wine out of baby bottles, and eat some INCREDIBLE fondue.  I liked the cheese myself although for a meal, I'd go with the meat.  They also bring out this plate of finger foods before you eat that were also quite delicious.  You get an appertif that is similar to Sangria, the choice of red or white wine, cheese or meat fondue, and a truffle chocolate cake or almond covered vanilla ice cream for dessert.  I'd recommend the ice cream.  One fondue is enough for two people, so we had to mooch off our neighbors to try the cheese.  The owners were also very nice and animated. 

Now that the evening was approaching, we headed out to the Arc du Triomphe and finally saw the Eiffel Tower in the distance.  After two days in Paris, we hadn't even glimpsed the silly thing.  It was big.  The Arc was pretty neat.  The top was spacious, highly worth seeing, and gave a good view of the city.  It is also a spectacular place to watch the Eiffel Tower's light show. 

Speaking of the Eiffel Tower, we soon headed down from the Arc and towards the Tower.  Unfortunately, the top floor was closed since it was so late, so we went to the 2nd stage instead which also had an impressive view.  I'm not too dissapointed; I'm going to Tokyo soon which has a tower 6 meters taller than the Eiffel tower...oooooh, 6 whole meters.  But now a funny story about the buying tickets to the tower...there were these two American boys who ducked under the fence to meet up with their friends already in the line, but a British couple was giving them a very stern look, so the boys explained "our party is up here, we're going to meet them", and then the British man said to his wife "those Americans, having parties in the damnedest places; I just don't get those damn Americans".  Anyway, the Eiffel tower is huge, impressive and a must see.  The light show just makes it better whether you're far away or in the tower itself.  Just go a little earlier, so you can go all the way up.

emmllerg says:
Enjoy your next vacation to Paris
Posted on: Jun 02, 2013
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Arc du Triomphe
Arc du Triomphe
Notre Dame
Notre Dame
Eiffel Tower - enlarge to see the …
Eiffel Tower - enlarge to see the…
photo by: Sweetski