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Despite all the dramas, we arrived in Luang Prabang in one piece around 7pm. It was raining, and we did not book a hostel. But thanks to our reliable LP, we found a guesthouse anyhow, located not far from the market. The guesthouse was not really nice, 2 old beds in a room, and washroom, with a weird toilet bowl that produced weird choking sound every 5 minutes. Before we got into our room, we saw a lady was covered with really thick blankets (a bit like springroll), and laid down on a metal bed, with charcoal burning underneath. We were a bit worried that she got some kind of disease (was during the outbreak of H1N1). The lady saw us staring at her, she thought we were interested, and asked us if we wanted to do sauna :D Apparently that was sauna, Laotian style.
Giant Mekong fish

To be frank, I felt fairly dissapointed when I first set foot on Luang Prabang, maybe was the rain, or the hostel, or I was just homesick, it didn't seem like a interesting place to visit. Anyhow, I was there, the most important thing to do next was to fill my stomach, long empty since the boat ride. We went to the night market, it was along a street (I don't remember the name). It was much than the night market in Chiang Mai, but it did sell some food. We got ourselves a nice barbecued fish, some barbecued ricecake and springrolls. And of course, some beer lao. They weren't too bad, but I still prefer Thai food better:) We went to stroll around the market before heading back to guesthouse. Surprisingly, the stuffs sold in the night market were quite expensive. Some of the fabrics cost more than 100USD, and they were not ready to bargain at all.
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Giant Mekong fish
Giant Mekong fish
Luang Prabang
photo by: oxangu2