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Arrived in Chiang Mai at around 2p.m. Right after stepping into the airport, we were given hand sanitizer to sanitize our hands, thanks to swine flu. We then got a taxi to our hostel, the Backpacker House, located at the middle of Suthep Road, behind Chiang Mai University. Our taxi driver told us we can find a lot of cheap food stalls around that area because there was a university nearby, which, was great!
The hostel was run by a Thai lady that doesn't really speak English, so we had to use our  body language to communicate with her. We checked in to a 12 persons dormitory. The room was quite spacious, and I love the color of the bedsheets and pillow cases, orange and green, very exotic.
The girls in tourism office of Chiang Mai
It was quite warm inside the room, but was overall okay and I was happy with it, considering the money I paid for it, and it was much much better than the one I stayed in Kuala Lumpur, so no complain.
The first stop was to get some lunch, we were really really starved. We went to a small food stall nearby our hostel to have our lunch. it was like 5 minute walk from the hostel. So we tried to ask for a menu, but they didn't understand us coz they don't speak English. By the time the guy understood what we were asking for, he came to us with menu, finally, in Thai, ha ha! Luckily there was a really kind lady that speak English, she was the customer eating in the food stalls, she came to help us translated to the guy, and taa daa! We got our food!
Our next stop was the tourism office, because we needed to book a tour to Laos, and decided what we were going to do tomorrow since we only have 2 days in Chiang Mai.
Temples...... I mean A LOT OF temples!
We got a red Tuk tuk, which later I learned it was more like a bus than a taxi, because everyone can flag it down on the street even when there were people on board inside. Our driver didn't really understand where we wanna go, so she stopped by the street and asked us to tell the guy (another tuk tuk driver, that speaks english) where we wanna go, such that the guy could tell her. And it really pissed the other 2 passegers on the Tuk tuk off, because she took quiet a long time just to find out how to get to the tourism office, and they were rushing to other location.
Finally we arrived at the tourism office. There was 4 really young girls sitting by the counter ready to answer our questions. It was like 6 of us surrounded the girls, and bombarded our questions to them, from where to go and what to do, to where are they come from, where they go to college.
...etc etc. Well, travel is more fun if you socialize with the locals right? ha ha :)
So after spending almost 2 hours in the tourism office,  we went to a tour company next door to book a tour to Luang Prabang Laos, via Mekong River. It cost us 1700 baht, and the package including a mini van to Chaing Khong, accommodation in Chiang Khong, dinner, breakfast and lunch, boat ride to Pakbeng and then to Luang Prabang, quite a good deal. What happened next was the lady rejected my money when I wanted to pay her because she told me she never see these money before.... damn... So I had to go to a bank to see what's wrong with my money. Apparently the money I got from the money changer was the old notes and they weren't in used anymore.

It was quite late then to go anywhere further so we decided to walk around the town and visit some temples. There was a lot of temples in Chiang Mai, I mean A LOT. It was like every corner you turn into you will see a temple. We went to few of them, which were worth visiting, according to Lonely Planet. I tried to remember the name of the temples we went to, but I just couldn't. The only one that I remembered was Wat Phrathat Doi Suithep, the one that we were going to visit the next day.
We had dinner later in a local restaurant before heading to the night market. The night market was huge! You can find almost anything here, from fabrics, dresses to silver jewellery and accesories. And the store owners were so ready to bargain with you. There isn't a lot of people shopping in the night market i think, so as long as the prices you offered are reasonable they will accept it. I didn't really plan to shop, but still I ended up buying few stuffs. Oh well... :p
kumikob says:
Enjoyed your blog - I am going in December and planning to spend a lot more time there than I will in Bangkok. Cant wait!
Posted on: Aug 17, 2012
sleepingsunshine says:
Yes, I think Chiang Mai is definitely worth visiting!
Posted on: Aug 20, 2010
ScottinKabul says:
I've thought about diverting to Chiang Mai instead of BK. Your blog is making me lean that way.
Posted on: Aug 19, 2010
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The girls in tourism office of Chi…
The girls in tourism office of Ch…
Temples...... I mean A LOT OF temp…
Temples...... I mean A LOT OF tem…
Chiang Mai
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