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The 11th was a relaxation day and a day to sort of prepare for the next leg of my trip. There was also a football match Ecuador v. Argentina. There was, at several points throughout the game, nobody in the streets. Usually in Baños there are tour opperators trying to get you to rent autos and 4wd and go on tours constantly throughout the day. No matter how many times you say no or how many times you walk by, they try. The streets were pretty much quiet except for the echoing of the game on tv´s and radios coming out of shops and restaraunts and tour agencies. I was walking around and wanted to watch, but didn´t really want to eat anything, so I didn´t go into a restaraunt. Outside of the Basilica there is a line of little identical shops selling all sorts of strange (mainly biblical) things. There was a family that had stadium seating around a 13 inch tv. So, I watched the game with them, evenutally the crowd grew, with about 50 gradeschool kids on a field trip from Latacunga. When Ecuador scored there was shouting and celebration throughout the street. When they scored again, more so.
Things like this make me wish that the United States had a (popular) sport that the ENTIRE country could unite over. Instead of the petty rivalries between states. It was an amazing feeling of Unity.

Anyway, on the 12 I headed to Riobamba. The train didn´t leave until Sunday for some reason or another, and you can´t ride on the roof anyway, so I was only a little disapointed. I watched a parade from my hotel room which seemed to be celebrating all forms of dance and it went for more than two hours. I watched some TV, which I haden´t in ages. Then I went and got chinese food because I miss it terribly. The next day at 8am I was on the long, exhausting road to Machala.
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photo by: timbo