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I´ve been pretty lazy the last few days. I have a bit of a cold which has disabled me from being anything but miserable for most of it.
Friday I just read, played cards, and visited the Magic Bean for dinner. I had stuffed peppers but couldn´t finish most of it.
Thursday I didn´t really do anything. I went and did some grocery shopping. By grocery shopping I mean cough drops, water, gingerale, and strawberry wafers. I had an almuerzo on the way back with chicken soup, rice, beans, and a small piece of friend fish. Then I went back to the hotel and took a nap and woke up around 4. Not motivated enough to go to dinner, I just stayed in my room and finished up ´Surfacing´by Margarat Atwood. Two thumbs up. Then I played solitare and was back to bed by 9pm.
Saturday was more eventful. I read in bed for a while when I woke up around 6:30 then fell back asleep at 7:30-10. My sleep schedule is very off. I can´t sleep past 6:30. Then I got up and went to the Mariscal district and walked around for about 4 hours. I had lunch at the Taco Factory and it was really good. Once again, didn´t finish. Then had coca tea at the Magic Bean and started to plot out my trip a little bit more. I wandered for a little bit longer and headed back to my hotel. Our washer is out of service at the hotel (and even if it was working it´s still $5.60 to wash and dry one load) and I wanted to do laundry before I left so I did it the old fashioned way. In the bath tub with shampoo...and cold water. Luckily there are clothes lines set up on patio right outside of my room. I was pretty restless last night. I played cards, read part of Elizabeth I, and played DS for a while. For dinner it was a banana and cheese itz and gingerale (I have to finish off 2.5L before I leave tomorrow).
Today I got up at 5:30, showered and read for a few hours. Sundays most places are closed, especially in the non touristy part of my neighborhood. So, I didn´t have anywhere to eat so I stopped at the Panadaria (bakery) and got two rolls, ruffles potato chips, and 3 bottles of water for a grand total of $1.20.  Ate ¨lunch¨and read again for an hour or two then played cards and DS again. I´m very sick of Quito. I can only stand a few days here before I lose my liking of it.
I have a generalized schedule for the rest of the trip, which makes me excited to have plans:
June 2-June 8---Quito
June 8-June 13---Baños
June 13-June 26---Riobamba for the train ride south, on to Cuenca and neighbooring towns (new territory for me)
June 26-June 30---Latacunga
July 1-July 10---Papallacta, Tena, Mishualli
July 10-July 12---Otavalo
July 12-July 13---Quito to fly home

So that´s that. We´ll see what pops up. I can´t wait to visit the markets ahead and especially can´t wait to visit the south.
mtudan says:
Don't forget to go to the hot baths! Hope your road isn't covered by impassable rubble :)

Posted on: Jun 08, 2009
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