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I got to Guayaquil and it was ridiculously humid. I was staying in a hostal (Dream Kapture) owned by a Canadian woman. The room I was in had two bunkbeds, and the whole hostal was booked, so there were people everywhere. The first night, I got some Chinese food, because it was the only restaraunt really open in the neighboorhood. I passed out without even knowing so while reading around 9. I only ended up staying for one day because of the humidity. I got dropped off in the middle of the city to wander for a few hours. Then I decided to escape the humidity and go see a movie at Mall del Sol. I saw Duplicity for $2.10, for the second time. Then I headed back to the hostal and met up with a New Zealander, two Americans, a British girl, and a Norweigen girl. We went out for some food then went back to the hostal to play cards for a while. The next day I had breakfast, french toast with fruit, with MAPLE syrup, which was a nice surprise because I can´t handle the overly sweet sugar cane syrup. Then I headed to Ambato, a few hours away.
I got to Ambato in the afternoon. I ate at a little coffee shop, that I can´t remember the name of to save the life of me, around the corner of my hotel. I experienced the best sandwhich and the best mocha coffee, ever. I went back up to my room and watched TV and fell asleep right away. In the morning I headed to Latacunga so I could get to the market the next day. I stayed at the Hotel Central again, with the friendly owner, and went up and layed down for a while. Then I went and walked around for a couple of hours, and had some pasta for dinner. Went to the market the next day and headed towards the south again, where I was thrown off track by going to Peru unexpectedly. The bus was about 8 hours and it broke down an hour from Cuenca. I didn´t eat breakfast because I wasn´t hungry, and I planned on eating street food from vendors on the bus because it is terribly good. Unfortunately there were none. So I had a bag of potato chips and got to the hotel around 9pm and was too tired to go downstairs and have dinner.
So, I only planned on staying in Cuenca for a night so I wouldn´t arrive in Loja at 1:30am. I ended up staying for three nights, because I remembered how much I loved Cuenca. The first day was a Sunday, so not much was open. I hung out with an Irishman that was staying in my dorm room and an Aussie couple who all knew each other from Quito. The next day we went to a mueseum in one of the  churches and went with an Austrian girl to the Mueseo Banco Central, which has a lot of Ecuador´s cultural displays. We had really good lunch at an outdoor restaraunt and hung out at the hostal for a while. I had pasta for dinner and went to bed early so I could get up and finally reach Vilcabamba the next day. Which, is where I am now for a bit.

On a bitter note: I have seen Fast & Furious 4 three times in one week, twice in one bus ride.
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photo by: ErikaMont