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Pinecone- and shell-art
Monday morning, wake up.... oh my, I felt cold that night, I was glad I gave the kids extra blankets in that tent, and yes, like me they had needed it. But they were eager to start the day, so I sent them off to the supermarket to get fresh baked croissants and kaiserbrötchen, while I made hot tea for breakfast.

After breakfast (or was it brunch? it was late that morning) the children made decorative windchimes of the shells me and BJ picked up last month, and they also looked for pinecones to use that as well for decoration.

Late in the afternoon we went to the beach, I hate to go early because of the crowds, however it became overcasted, so there were not that many people around.
When we got at the beach it was low tide with almost no surf, and BJ and Bob had lots of fun at the edge of the water making a sand ehh.
Having fun at their construction job
.. thing, with some canals around it. I told them they could do that because the tide would rise again pretty soon. However... it took about an hour before it slowly got higher, and even then the ehh... supposed to be a castle did not got flooded.

After waiting for awhile I realized the tides of the northsea are complicated, first because water flows in from the south (the English Channel) and from the north (passing the east coast of Scotland and moving widdershins or counter clockwise), second because the age of the tide with the two different inlets of stream - we had full moon just a few days ago so it happened that it could be lowest tide now... sigh...
I wanted to wait till the whole thing was flooded but it started to rain so we gathered our stuff and set off south, because BJ wanted another trail back to the campground again.
Dropijs / Licorice flavoured icecream

We were in plain time for the grilled chicken dinner I promised the children.
After dinner we played card games, I told them stories from my childhood, the ones mentioning monkey tricks were favorite ofcourse ;)
And all too soon it was dark and time to go to bed although they did not want to go to sleep yet...

Next morning, Tuesday, they played card games again, but in the afternoon we went to the village of Castricum. I promised them ice cream, which we ofcourse could buy at the campground but that is just soft ice (which I don't like). Instead we went to Marx O'Larry's with their over 40 different flavours of real ice cream, sold by the scoop - and ofcouse BJ, whose favorite colour is pink and because of that her favoured flavor is strawberry, BJ though chooses the grey stuff with the licorice taste, because nothing can beat the dutch licorice in her opinion (VBG)

After the cold treat we went to Egmond aan den Hoef to look for a riding school, but unfortunately this very week there was a pony camp at one school and the people at the other one did not act very friendly so we went away.
The ehh... construction, waiting to be flooded

This time to Egmond Binnen, where the abbey is, as well as the shop where the monks sell their handmade pottery as well as dipped candles. I bought a nice candle and a candle holder as a birthday present for my sister. They sell a special abbey beer as well, but unfortunately they were sold out and the next batch was expected later that week.

When back at the campground we bought a snack, and later that night I baked pancakes for them.
We set and they begged for more childhood stories, so I had to do some digging in my memory to satisfy them.

Tomorrow we will be heading home again.

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Pinecone- and shell-art
Pinecone- and shell-art
Having fun at their construction j…
Having fun at their construction …
Dropijs / Licorice flavoured icecr…
Dropijs / Licorice flavoured icec…
The ehh... construction, waiting t…
The ehh... construction, waiting …
Finally flooded, or... almost? or …
Finally flooded, or... almost? or…
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