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Dunes and horsetrail
... will come out in the flesh.

It had to be like this.
BJ and I got home from our Central European train trip, and a few days later husband and Maartje went out together one afternoon to get some fresh air, probably to the coastal area.
I did not think it over.

Then the phone rang, they called, excited! They had noticed this ad, (ad? where? oh.. at the supermarket on the Bakkum campingsite! ehh... ofcourse, I should have known) saying there was a little trailer for sale and what did I say, should we buy it?

Ehh... hmm... considering the price, it might be a bad idea to reject it. How is the condition of that trailer? Well, it looks good, hubby said (with excitement in his voice), but it is a bit small, only room for 3 people to sleep. But we could set up a bed in the connecting tent, according to hubby. It was just up to me, because I was the one who did not want to go camping anymore. Ehh... yes.... ehh... it was more the obliged "free-time" weekends we had to spend at the campingsite which I did not want anymore.
So I said: yes, go on, buy the thing, but don't expect me to go camping every weekend.
And so it was settled. Within a week we had a trailer again.

Ofcourse it turned out I was urged to use the facility.... And because BJ wanted to go that much I gave in and spent a few days on the site.
But it did not get me that much. Hubby enjoyed it however, so he went more often, and the kids had their fun as well.

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Dunes and horsetrail
Dunes and horsetrail
BJ and I went for a hike and found…
BJ and I went for a hike and foun…
A few pinecones
A few pinecones
photo by: ik-ben-10eke