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Firmly secured with extra lines
The next weekend was Pinksteren, in english "Whit Sunday", another long weekend, because Whit Monday is also a holiday.

There had been a severe thunderstorm the week before, hubby had set up a small tent as an extra sleeping room, and he was anxious whether it had lasted or not. But he had secured it with lines, and when he checked it was still okay. Nothing blown away, not even a drip of rain in it.

After the storm it was a bit cold, but gradully that week the weather turned better, and the weekend started like a Pinksterweekend ought to be, all sunny with nice temperatures. So, on Saturday right after lunch BJ and me went to the seaside, just the two of us.
I took our novels with us, last year I started reading to BJ again since she requested it, and for myself I took that novel by Patrick Rothfuss, "The Name of the Wind" and it was very difficult to put it aside LOL.
Sunset on the campingsite
Ofcourse I read this in dutch, but I was so eager to continue with part two that I did not mind to read it in english.... unfortunately it is not yet for sale, not even in english print.
BJ went out that night to the bingo, and her friend almost won three trays of Heineken beer.... what a price... I wonder that if she had really won it she could exchange it for some softdrinks.... the girl is only 8! Well she missed 2 numbers, so she did not win it.

The next day, Whit Sunday, hubby came over for the day, we had the car, he had to take his motorbike.
Before he arrived I went to the beach to get some shells, I want to make some wind chimes of them.
Then I could not find any small ropes, but hubby found me some of those lines to secure the tent with... bit too thick but maybe i can arrange something with it.
We planned for some hiking, but first we needed to get some groceries for our meals, the supermarket on the campingsite is open every day of the week so we did the shopping first. After we had our (late) lunch, BJ went to the beach with a friend of her and we could go for a hike. My intentions were really set to do so, but.... I stil had not finished that 650+ page novel....
So it was like in that song of the Kinks, lazing on a sunny afternoon, and my! it felt good. And hubby was happy I felt comfortable camping again. It actually felt that good, I did not want to go home that night already, so we made up our beds again.
When I wanted to leave the door of the trailer open BJ told me strict it had to be closed! Why was that I asked, and she answered that is was because of the mice. Oh goodness, I forgot, did not camp in those woods for a couple of years.... and although we keep our food in locked boxes these critters are so keen.... they eat their way even through plastic if they think the loot is worth it.

I begin to like this camping better than I expected. Kids are older, and ehh.. wiser too? Well, I don't need to help them with the showers and all the other things they needed help with anymore, don't need to look after them every minute of the day. It is much more relaxed this way, so I am able to enjoy it the way hubby had enjoyed it all those years. Not complaining, but now I don't have that fear of getting one of the kids getting lost again.

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Firmly secured with extra lines
Firmly secured with extra lines
Sunset on the campingsite
Sunset on the campingsite
photo by: ik-ben-10eke