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A true Spring gem
Because all the camping-accomodations have to be removed from the site at Fall, they need to be built up again in Spring.
Springtime at the Bakkum campingsite is great! The air is still crisp, everyone is full of energy, building up their small properties to create a nice place for the coming season. One of the things I enjoyed very much was getting the woodchips for our campingspot, to prevent the kids entering the trailer with muddy feet.
Old trees were cut during Winter, and chopped up with a machine. A big heap of that stuff was in the center of the campingsite and people with all kind of containers - from pails to wheelbarrows - were shoveling up the chips. I had to go to and fro about 20 to 25 times with a wheelbarrow to get enough to cover the spot with a thin layer, and I loved the exercise. I remember one time, the humidity in the air was so high, it felt so cold, it was a bit misty, and I could see the mist moving on the wind, it was actually very thin and low clouds, beautiful sight!
Another thing I loved about Spring was the still quiet beach. In Spring I could not resist the itch to go out on my own and leave the kids with hubbie, so he needed to keep an eye on them. And I used that hour (or two) to go for a hike to the beach to enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

But when all the campers are more or less settled again, the obliged and busy free-time weekends which I almost dreaded has commenced once again. I wanted something else! So we decided to set off for a short break in another corner of our little country, and therefor I picked the province of Groningen, where I'd never stayed before. Groningen is a agriculture province, lots of wheat, barley, oats. It has a certain beauty, those big, big fields with grains. We rented a little cabin in the Westerwolde area, agriculture there as well but on a smaller scale, fields were bordered with small woodlands. We all enjoyed that change. Our own little trailer on the Bakkum campingsite we rented out. A construction which everyone felt happy with.
If we would find a buyer we would sell the trailer, if not, we would rent out the trailer again to have the opportunity to go to the Bakkum campingsite as well as somewere else ourselves.
But, in September 2004 we found a buyer for our trailer and we "closed our book".
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A true Spring gem
A true Spring gem
photo by: ik-ben-10eke