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Nice picnic spot
Time for the Bakkum campground again. However the trailer is already for 10 weeks on its spot this was the first time this year I went there, and I asked husband to put the bike trailer on the car because it was such nice weather and I felt for a bicycle tour.
Husband visits frequently and was aware of roadworks, so we decided to travel a scenic route: Beemster, Stompetoren, Alkmaar, Egmond, Bakkum. Ofcourse we missed a sign at the circular road around Alkmaar so we also passed Broek op Langedijk and Sint Pancras, which are picturesque villages.

Finally we arrived, got the bikes off, and got settled in our little trailer.
After a little while we took our bikes and went to Castricum for an ice-cream at Marx O-Larry's.
View towards Egmond
We also bought some picnic food and set of to Egmond. With the abbey on our right-hand we turned west to look for a nice spot to eat our picnic. Going west means going towards the beach means climbing up the dunes, usually there are 3 rows of them. At the Middenweg at Egmond (where we were) the grades has a percentage of 10%, or 1:10, which is pretty heavy with a bike without extra gears LOL, however we managed with a few steps walking to reach the top. Then going down which is not really a problem if you use your breaks with sense :P - actually it is BIG FUN!
So we climbed two rows of dunes, which took us out of the woody area, ehh... no nice shaded picnic spots to be found there. Back again, climbing those dunes, and racing them down again. At the crossroads we headed south, and it did not took long before we found us a nice spot.
Here we sat for awhile, saw some rabbits playing and hopping across a small trail and had a marvellous view towards Egmond Binnen with the abbey buildings.

When at the campgrounds again I started reading while husband played his guitar. We even had an audience, a little kid liked it so much that her mother came to listen, and both applauded when the mini concert was over.

Before we went to bed I wanted a little walk on the campgrounds, but it turned out we took a hike to the beach. Almost midnight, so it was already dark for over half an hour, and our feet almost touched the low surf. Still busy at the beach though, there was a guy singing at one of the beach restaurants, and we saw even people coming out of the water.
The sand of this part of the beach is trampled by hundreds, maybe thousands of feet every day, so we decided to return to the campgrounds again. It was a bit overcasted so we could see no stars, and when entering the tree tunnels again my eyes had trouble seeing even the difference between light and dark grey. But it was a nice hike, and when at the trailer I picked up my book again for a little nightcap.
Well spent, very relaxed day it was.

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Nice picnic spot
Nice picnic spot
View towards Egmond
View towards Egmond
photo by: ik-ben-10eke