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Get parking space while u still can..

We get on the plane, and after a week of train and bus rides through Thailand & Laos, I was so happy to be on a plane again :) It was either a 1hr flight or 24hr journey through the mountain.... which one would u choose?!

In Asia they are super crazy about H1N1 flu, and so they give u a health quarantine questionairre to everyone on board that you had to had in to customs once in Hanoi.  It asks, 'Have you had any of the following symptoms in the last 10 days: high fever, weak, light headed, dizzy, coughing' obviously I answered Khong, Khong, Khong, Khong, Khong (NO in Vietnamese!)

Once we get off the plane, we first go through a queue with a huge body heat screen, and I was hoping that I would be green, meaning that I wasn't sick, because no one wants to be quarantined in Vietnam, especially not being American!  I was GREEN! So I was fine.

.. Ruby was coughing, and I kept on hitting her in the ribs telling her to stop coughing!

You get out of the airport and you totally see the difference in culture in Vietnam compared to Laos and Thailand.  Vietnamese are alot more aggressive and in your face.  You really have to know the value of local currency everywhere since locals just shout out a price for a taxi and u must know if they are trying to screw u or not (most of the time they are)

I thought the traffic in KL & Bangkok was crazy, but nothing is as insane as Hanoi! The bikers have no rules, they go up the street, down the wrong way, through traffic, basically doing whatever they want...  The sound of the thousands upon thousands of bikes is overwhelming and the constant blarring of traffic horns on top of the heat is just unbearable!!! Its a good thing that our hostel, Hanoi Backpackers is on a middle street, away from the main streets so the sound of horns is drowned out...



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Get parking space while u still ca…
Get parking space while u still c…
My new job???
My new job???
Beautiful lake in Hanoi
Beautiful lake in Hanoi
photo by: mario26