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First bar! Jasmine,Nick, Craig, Ruby & I get a free shot :)

Today is the day! Today we are going to do the Tubing, the reason why everyone including us came to Laos... We get up early in the morning (10am) lol and get our asses to the location where we gathered to get our tubes and pay for them.  Its such a ripoff but they charge you 50,000 kip(3quid) for the tubes and 50,000 kip deposit that they give back to you once u return the tubes at night.  What u dont know, and no one tells u is that the first day, everyone gets their tubes stolen at the 2nd bar down the river(Mud Bar) and never gets the deposit back :(

First bar, you get a free shot and end up getting cheap buckets full of local whiskey and redbull... They have a zipline, you swing from the top of the tree about 15m off the ground and drop into the river.

Is there any mud on me?!
  I told myself that I would do all the things on this trip that I really dont do at home, and so even though I am a horrible swimmer I do the zipline anyway ;) 

You take your tube and float down the river to the next bar... There are signs,  'MUD BAR STAY LEFT!' and everyone basically gets off here... Picture a place where u get to do everything u were told NOT TO DO when u were a kid haha... There are mud pools, a game of volleyball, where everyone gets ridiculously dirty, I mean 'Arnold Shwarzenegger in 'Predator' dirty!'  You are not supposed to do any of this stuff, swimm in a river full of disease, play volleyball in mud full of rocks and jagged edges, but you try to have as much fun as you can hopefully not get sick at the end.  

Most people spend most of the day in the Mud Bar, and dont get too much further! We didn't LOL

m_mspr says:
Tubing sounds awesome! :o)
Posted on: Dec 19, 2009
barrol01 says:
This is great blog, you all look like you had so much fun!
Posted on: Sep 16, 2009
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First bar! Jasmine,Nick, Craig, Ru…
First bar! Jasmine,Nick, Craig, R…
Is there any mud on me?!
Is there any mud on me?!
After tubing still have the ad on …
After tubing still have the ad on…
Vang Vieng
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