Saying Goodbye to everyone :( Crazy taxi driver breaks all the rules!

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I have had just the worst luck with cameras on this trip! 1st camera doesn't work, 2nd camera drowned in Laos, now I bought a new camera in Bangkok and I use it for 5 minutes in Koh Phangan and get sand into the lens... I get it back to the store and give it in to get fixed overnight!  I tell the owner of the shop that I NEED to have it by 9:15 so I can get to my 11am fight to Cambodia! He says not to worry about it, it will be there by then.

After having another serving of Pinapple Toasties (Damn I miss them!) and say my final goodbyes to Ruby, James and Hannah! We all had so many good times on this trip :D :D :D

Now all I have to do is wait for my camera... 9:15 goes by, no camera.... 9:25, still no camera but they say the delivery guy is on his way! (wow that makes me feel better!)

I already have a taxi driver waiting! and finally at 9:45, the delivery guy on a motorbike shows up...

So I get into the cab and starting to get nervous since it takes 45min to get to the airport and my flight leaves in  75min!!!

Apparently someone didn't want me to make this flight because today was the day that the King & Queen were coming to Bangkok so EVERY person in Bangkok is in uniform and crowding the streets! My cabbie doesn't think we will make it, thanks for the confidence!

So I tell the cabbie I will give him extra 200Baht if he gets me to the airport as quickly as he can, and right after that he starts driving down the WRONG WAY of the road!!! He breaks every rule in the book, running red lights, and starts speeding on the highway driving 130km/hr the entire way, the maximum the little Toyota can go...

Its a miracle he gets me to the Airport in 30 MINUTES!!! I gladly give the cabbie the extra 200Baht and run to check in just a few minutes before check in was closed :D

Ok now we are off to Cambodia!!!

Kju says:
Haha with money is in Thailand everything possible!!!
Posted on: Sep 18, 2009
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photo by: Deats