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View from our Bungalow

We get to Vang Vieng, a sleepy little town that is basically funded by the backpackers that come here for tubing, drinking, and more drinking.  I think there is a town here because its the only area near the river that is flat enough and large enough to build a city.  No of us had any reservations, so we walked about the city in search of a decent hostel.  After walking past a few dodgy hostels, we stop off at Babylon Hostel, which I remember from an article I read, and it seems okay, so we walk in to make reservations.  The guy at the front desk was obviously high off his ass on something basically told us he doesn't want 'our kind' in this hostel, we almost started a fight but decided it wasn't worth it.

Laos is absolutely beautiful

We ended up finding a Hostel a bit farther away, down by the river, Vilay Vong Hostel we rented 3 bungalows haggling the price down to 80,000 kip for room/night.  Everything we want for 6 quid per night, aircon, comfy beds, and the porch wth a great view of the mountains :)

First night, Ruby decides to stay in still being a bit sick, I go out with the guys... We see some guys and girls just coming home after tubing drunk off their ass, and look like they had a blast and we all can't wait to get up in the morning to do it ourselves ;) After Q Bar closes at 11pm we are still not done and hear that there is a place playing music across a pitch dark field, so drunk as we already are we think its a good idea to cross the field in the pouring rain to the club.  Its a local club, we go in, and we are the only non-Laos in the place!!! A few people come over and buy us drinks surprised that we would even walk in.

  It was an interesting experience!

We make our way home, back through the field, I find a way to lose my flip flops, having to resort walking the rest of the way barefoot.  The pathway down to the hostel is full of sharp rocks but I am so drunk I dont feel a thing! haha

I finally stumble down the pathway and into the bungalow, and yell, 'Ruby I am DRUNK!' and passout on the bed lol

Next morning, having no flip flops, I try to walk up the rocky walkway to the main road, after five meters of excrutiating pain, I realize this is not happening so I steal(borrow) someones flip-flops...

lauro says:
hahaha hahahaha hahaha hahahaha!!!!!!
Posted on: Dec 20, 2009
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View from our Bungalow
View from our Bungalow
Laos is absolutely beautiful
Laos is absolutely beautiful
Vang Vieng
photo by: razorriome