Floating Market, and last day with my Irish Brotha

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Floating Market, give me my bananas!

On the overnight bus, back from Surat Thani, I booked a short half-day tour to the Floating Market... I arrive in Bangkok at 4am and the tour pick up is 7am (another night without sleep lol)

Funny thing is that when the locals see you on Khao San Road at 7am, you will get swormed with atleast 5 tuk tuk drivers who offer you a ride somewhere! I booked a tour for 300Baht per person, really cheap! Because I booked the tour over the phone, I had no idea who was picking me up, just that I had to wait infront of a Big Yellow Hotel!

While I am waiting, I get swarmed by 5 tuk tuk drivers, one yelled, 'I will drive u for 1300Baht!'... 'No thanks I have for 300Baht!'.
Floating Market
.. Ok 700Baht he say.' Look why would I go with you???

'OK 500Baht!' He said... Why would I go with some random guy, who might leave me when he gets me to the floating market... stupid!

OUR driver finds me and we go to the floating market.  What is really cool about the Floating market is that when you floating on the boat, you are taken through the area where there has been a market for over 1500 YEARS!  Unfortunately, that is where the floating market stops being interesting... The current floating market is a collection of overpriced, mass-produced crap that the sales people try to fool people to buy for triple the regular price!

After the Floating Market trip, we meet up with Derek, Bryan and others as this will be the last time we will see the Irish boys on this trip... 

At night, the rest of us, me, Bennie, Ruby, James, Hannah, and Ying met up for one last dinner together.
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Floating Market, give me my banana…
Floating Market, give me my banan…
Floating Market
Floating Market
I was hungry
I was hungry
Yings Brain was tasty :)
Ying's Brain was tasty :)
Ok had wayyy too much Thai food
Ok had wayyy too much Thai food
photo by: Deats