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Being a kid again

Ok I made it to KL in one piece!

I get to my hostel, Equator Hostel, and find out that Ruby & Vicy is not there but is out and about! Ok so I go to take a shower, when in the shower I hear a voice from outside the shower barrier, 'Jeff is that u in there?... Its Ruby!'  After I get out having only my towel on, over comes Vicy to introduce herself... What a lovely way to meet ;)

I get dressed and we decide to get some food and hang out at the Times Square Mall nearby.  After getting some food, we see that there is something in this mall that I have never seen before, An entire amusement park! It even has a rollercoaster, that wraps around some of the floors of the mall!!! We had to check it out haha

We found the place where we were going to spend the afternoon!  We first decide to ride this ride one attraction that just turns in a circle over & over & over again.

.. the first 5 minutes were fun but after we couldn't wait for it to stop :(

We then move on to the bumper cars... now I haven't done bumper cars since I was 10 yrs old and this was a blast!!! After a few more rides, Vicy and Ruby decide that they need to take on the rollercoaster, not once but twice!

This was a great time!

We rest up after the amusement park before meeting up with other TB's at Gypsy's...

Me, Ruby, and Vicy get to Gypsy, find a nice table to sit at and wait for the others to arrive... We first meet Michele, then Joseph then after a few drinks Nell and Wynn make their fashionably late appearance.  After a few more drinks we are all having fun and make our way to 'Envie' a club close by! One of our group works marketing for the club, so he gets us in for free, its good to know some locals ;)

We enjoy more drinks & bottles at our VIP table... Its a great first night in Asia!




darkinvader143 says:
woohoo u tried the rollercoaster?! cool! there's a height limit so they didnt allow me to get it! pity me! hahahahahaha. *disadvatage of being so uber tall :P
Posted on: Sep 17, 2009
Koralifix says:
Congrats on today's feature! Very nicely done!
Posted on: Sep 15, 2009
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Being a kid again
Being a kid again
Rollercoaster inside the mall!
Rollercoaster inside the mall!
Having fun with Nell
Having fun with Nell