Back in Bangkok, staying at the worst hostel room EVER!

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Worst Hotel Room EVER!!!

Our flight from Hanoi to Bangkok gets delayed by a few hours and w end up flying into Bangkok very late and by the time we get into the city its already 1am... After quickly meeting up with other TB's outside Gazebo, we stop by Rikka Inn to see if they have any rooms available, 'NO ROOMS!' Damn :( They told us to come back at 8am...

So now we have to find another room to sleep in for the night.

We remember that another girl in Hanoi suggested a cheap hostel on Khao San Road called 'Marco Polo' so we headed there.  Upon entering this establishment we already had a feeling it wont be anywhere near as nice as the Rikka In.  Not being nice was an understatement!  We get up the didgy stairs and then we entered the room... OMG! Entering this room was like coming straight into a horror movie, it was so dirty and seedy.  I go into the bathroom and it has NO SINK! Honestly the hall was alot cleaner than the actual room.  I put my stuff down and wanted to lie on the bed, but didn't know if something would crawl from under the pillow or the sheets.  So I smack the pillow and sheets a few times with my bag to kill whatever MIGHT be living underneath haha

So after doing all that me and Ruby reluctanly sit on the bed and continue to try to fall asleep, definitely with one eye open haha

At 8am we check into Rikka Inn and never was I as happy to see a normal hotel room as I was that moment!

2win says:
oh god that was sooo bad!
Posted on: Sep 15, 2009
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Worst Hotel Room EVER!!!
Worst Hotel Room EVER!!!
photo by: rintjez