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blurry at night but still so awesome

 Our first glimpse of Venice at night.. sigh for digital cameras that cannot do well at night...

I believe I ended off on day 5 in Italy in Venice. We woke up in the morning early for a good start on our only day there. We had free breakfast with our hotel (it was the most expensive hotel we stayed at during the whole week) We were sitting chatting when a man at the table next to us starts talking to us. We find out we have traveled around the world to be sitting next to someone who lives 20 minutes away from us. His wife was born in the city we graduated high school from. It was another case of it’s a small world after all. It was very nice to talk to him and to have another Californian in our midst.



We hopped on a water taxi and were taken down the Grand Canal.

Its much prettier and so much more romantic at night. I’d always heard that it smells and whatnot but I didn’t find that to be true. It is such a marvel to see that this city is built on water. You look down and cannot help but wonder what it is like down there. The city itself is sinking and in future decades may need to be abandoned. Theres a liveliness there. You can feel it in the people and the water.


Our first stop was the Rialto fish market. This became a joke because it was Rialto Venice but We have Rialto in California. It soon became Rialto, California, USA, Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe. I made that up and I have no idea why.

But Rialto is an area and a bridge that crosses the Grand Canal.

We got off and walked over the bridge and did so much shopping. I was able to get Carnival masks like you would see for Mardi Gras. I bought 4... hehe. One for a friend.. one for my neice... one for my nieces mom... and one for me. I got a pretty blue one. BUt mine was the cheapest one I bought. Anyways Rialto is also known for their fish markets. Venice is kind of old world where people go and shop the fish market and farmers markets for their food. Its open everyday but Tuesday I believe. We found the bridge but had problems finding the fish... if you can believe that. We started to follow our noses and Grace found it by her sense of smell. We turn a corner and TADA booths filled with ice and all kinds of fish. Fish you don't see in our normal everyday super market. It was so interesting to walk through and see all the different kinds. We saw eels being gutted and sliced. I saw a huge sword fish. We saw things we could only guess about.
We also saw mighty fine fishermen... They were smelly but they were hot. h-o-t-t HOT. Right next to the fish was the vegtable and fruit markets. We got to see their fruits and veggies and it all looked so incredibly fresh. It ws fun to see everyone ordering and bartering and just the normal interactions of this city.


We did a lot of wlaking in Venice and a lot of water busses. We found hidden things like a church that had been remade into a shirne for a famous violinist... for the life of me I cannot remember his name..  But he was actually a Venetian and had famous music. It was free and it was random but fun. We found a museum that I was so bored in. I was pretty tired that day and I squatted in front of some armor and actually dozed.

fresh markets!!


Venice has this great square of San Marco. It floods when the water is at high tide. It has a famous duomo and looks absolutely gorgeous. They have restaurants lining the sides with chairs set up in the square. They have live bands that play Italian music. It was so picturesque. Kind of corney but it felt right anyways. We had very very expensive drinks in this square. Also here were tons and tons of pigeons. They sold seeds for a Euro and you could feed the birds but these birds would go crazy on you. Kind of fun though. My friends keep worrying about getting shit on by the birds.

I thought it would be fun.


We wanted to ride the Gondolas but they were so freaking expensive that we chose not to. Instead I gave the reigns over to grace to let her direct us in the city to find Vino E Vini. It was supposedly a famous vine shop where the staff would be helpful and answer all your questions.I think my friends thought we'd get to wine taste but Grace found the way there and we bought 2 bottles each (I gave it to my bosses.. see I am a nice employee) Now the fun with the damn bottle is that it was only Tuesday and we had to backpack through the rest of the vacation with the silly things and not break them. I was so worried but I prevailed and brought them home to the bosses. (They are aging them they say. I say just drink the shit but whatever... I'd like to know if I bought good shit or if the guy there was a dodo head. We asked for good cheap wine like Trader Joes!!)


(This is a picture at San Marco Square)


The silly thing is that at the end of the day we found a Chinese food restaurant to eat dinner in. It was so funny because you could tell it was family owned. Two sisters the younger one slightly rebellious and the older responsible. We made a whole story up about their lives... how they had to take over the family business for sick parents and what not. While the younger one just wanted to be herself. haha we laughed so much through our Chinese food in Italy.


We wondered through the streets of Venice again. Took a water bus back to the station and awaited a night train to Naples. It left around 11 at night and arrived in Naples around 10 the next morning. We figured taking a train while we slept would save us a lot of travel time and make one less night of hotel we had to pay for.


At the train station we found something we had been dreaming of. Coffee in a to go cup. No where else in this country did we see coffee to go. If you ordered coffee you would be sitting there to drink it. There were not any Starbucks (so amazing.. I thought they had acheived world domination). But it was late and we were tired and coffee was on 60 cents. It was a small plastic cup and a vending machine but that didn't stop me from buying two!!


Now since I was buying coffee I had looked in my wallet and knew that I had 65 Euros in it. My buddy Su also seen she had 50 Euros. We met another traveler at the station and when the train came we were lucky enough to get a compartment by ourselves. We closed the blinds and shut the door put our shit all over and passed out. During the night I was awoken by a man who came intrying to sell gold necklaces. Su was awoken a separate time by a guy doing that. When we arrived in Naples the next morning we found out we'd all been robbed. Haha we have no idea when or how. We had our money from about 10 minutes before boarding the train. It was either stolen then or sometime in the night. Grace lost her whole wallet. They took the entire thing. But her bag was open and it was just sitting there and it was near the door. Only my Euros were taken. They were inside a zipped bag inside a pocket in my bag. It was over my head and to my left you would have had to get past two of us to get to my bag and as it was sitting it was ready to spill everything on my head. So I wonder how they got only the money from it. Su's bag was next to her feet farthest from the door. You had to pass all three of us. Her bag was only missing the 50 Euros and her money was at the bottom of it with tons of things on top of it.



I am amazed at it but this is an area known for professional thieves. So I guess I now know why they are so good. We found an internet booth for grace to cancel all her cards. Luckily they did not take her passport. Su and I hit up a bank to take out money for us and some for grace to borrow. We had arrived in Naples.

CrazyLisa says:
Wow you remembered his name?? You're kidding me. I think I know more about him now then I did when we were there.
Posted on: Oct 24, 2007
supak00 says:
Violinist was Vivaldi, luv...YAY I REMEMBERED SOMETHING!
Posted on: Oct 24, 2007
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blurry at night but still so aweso…
blurry at night but still so awes…
fresh markets!!
fresh markets!!
photo by: asturjimmy