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On day three we were still in Florence. Above is a picture of the Duomo. In pictures and what we'd read of it it is supposedly really beautiful. I mean it looks nice but when you see it in person it looks really green and pink. Its an odd looking place. We were going to go inside of it (cause it was free) but we'd spent too much time eating gelato and it closed before we had a chance.

Earlier in the day we wanted to go to the Uffizi Museum. Its like THE Museum to see in Florence. And apparently it was. There was a humongous line. We waited in it for an hour and a half before we saw a sign saying 3 hour wait from here. Yikes. We only had one day there so we jammed on. 

This picture shows us at the museum. Its shaped like a U and the line started on the left side to the middle part where we are to the right side where you eventually get in. In the center were street venders andif you walked down to the end there was a courtyard with statues and sculptures. Copies of the originals that were placed in the museums.  Like my favorite David (I love taking pictures of naked statues, I'm a freak!) This is the guy in mythology who cut off Medusa's head. If I only had a brain I may remember his name but alas I forget.

After we jammed from the Uffizi we went to go eat. Yummy Italian food. Olive garden shall never be the same. Then we went to the Galleria Academia. I have no idea why this museum was not crowded. There was no line. It was amazing. The walls were filled with Christian artwork (I've never been a fan of that). I followed the light and walked right up to David. Now I've seen a lot of artwork. I've been to a lot of famous museums. I've felt awe before. I've felt wonder looking at something famous. I've never felt like I did in front of David.

He is so larger than life. The air around seems so cool and the atmosphere is tremendous. You know, you feel it deep inside, that you are in the midst of greatness. This art, this sculpture, is so wonderful that you cannot help but stare. Words will not describe. YOu've seen pictures before. I just seen the copy by the Uffizi Museum but this is so real. To think that a man, a mortal man, created this beauty is enormous. It truley felt like the world made sense, that everything was right. The emotion is so intense. As soon as you leave its presence the emotion is dampened but you remember the feeling. It was awesome.

Also in Florence is the Ponte Vecchio. This a bridge over the river. It contains shops lineing the whole bridge. This was pretty trippy because these shops, this bridge, these have been here for centuries. The stores are all small and the doors are short. You really can imagine being bck in time here.

That night we felt we had done good in Florence so we took a train to a neighboring city for dinner. We had such hard times finding places to eat and we were usually starving by the time we got there. We were picky as well. So we were extremely hungry by the time we got to Pistoia. It was a small town and there appeared to be no place to eat. We searched and searched. We were tired, exhausted and hungry. We finally found a little restuarant and we sat down. The waiter spoke little english and we spoke even less Italian but we made it through. I had ravioli for dinner with wine. It was delightful.

So here it comes another bad train story (I have so many of them). I'll have more from Venice and Naples as well.

We went back to the train station to catch a train back to Florence. We boo booed there was no more trains back to Florence. We didn't know this and were waiting in the station like hopeful dolts. My buddy Su had to go potty so she went to find a restroom. She instead found this guy. She seen him sensed trouble and turned around to come back to us. He followed her. Grace and I are sitting on a bench. He comes over. He is drunk and speaks only Italian. He comes and puts his hand on my knee. I feel gross and I want him to take it off. I have no idea what he asked or said to us. I kept telling him I don't understand or No which is the same in Italian. He finally took his hand off me and wlaked away. My friend Grace had to use the phone. She was less that 15 feet away from us but around a corner. Su was resting on me and she woke up and asked where Grace was. We figured it was about time to go to the train anyway so we got up to find her. We turned the corner and she is on the phone and the guy is back there. Hes standing close to her and shes as far away from him as the phone cord will allow. Now this pisses me off. I walk up to him and grab his arm. I pull him away from my friend. I point to her and say NO, leave her alone. He starts moving towards me. I put my hand up and say NO again. I walk away from him. I tell grace get off the phone. She is saying bye and the guy is going towards her again. I have my fists clenched. I'm ready to start some shit. I tell Su if he comes near me again I will get into a fight. Grace comes back to us and we walk to the other side of the tracks. I was so furious. You do not start shit in other countries no matter if he is drunk or not.

We find out at this point there are no more trains. We are harassing everyone and we find out theres a bus. We wait for it and take it back to Florence. All in all an adventurous night.

supak00 says:
OMG...that's rite. We took that fuckin 3 hr bus trip...thought we were stuck in hell!
Posted on: Oct 24, 2007
CrazyLisa says:
Haha I guess I'm used to it. We do seem to get into a lot of trouble at the train stations tho.
Posted on: Jun 11, 2007
wellszac18 says:
Crikey! I'm glad I'm not a woman, all your train staion accounters sound terrifying, braver then me!
Posted on: Jun 10, 2007
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