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Pompeii! Simply Marvelous

The morning in Naples (after the diastrous stealing affair) left us in Naples. Naples was a funny city. It was not so clean as the rest of Italy. I would say it was more the younger area filled with vespas and kids and crime. The other way I would describe it is a cross between New York and Thailand. It was an odd city to be in. It felt more like a city I would fit into but I'd rather be able to fit into somewhere nicer like Florence.

Either way, our hotel was about 3 blocks from the train station. When we got directions the guy told us it was walkable. We weren't quite so sure. We had been carrying those damn bags for a while now and were getting pretty damn sick of them.

We were happy when it was actually really close. We dropped our bags and settled in but got on our way quickly as we were going to spend half a day in Pompei and the rest in Naples. We grabbed a train real quick and found out within 5 stops we were on the wrong train... oops. So we hopped another train back to the station and took the correct train to Pompeii.

When you get close you can smell it. The aroma of sulfur is surrounding. The volcano Vesivus (which covered Pompeii in sixty something AD) is there omnious in the background. I had to wonder, these people knew that this volcano had errupted and encased an entire city yet they choose to live so close to it. Do they believe it will not happen again??

We got some lunch and lemonade before going into Pompeii. We needed to fortify ourselves and get some energy.

The first thing I may say is that this place is HUGE. They only have something like 6 out of 18 acres open to the public but its so much bigger than I had thought. Its incredible to walk in the streets and to know that thousands of years ago people my age walked these streets unsuspecting while their deaths were brewing away in the volcano which had given them the great soil that insured their livliness.

The freaky thing about this place is knowingin how many people died there. They had these plaster casts made of the bodies and how they were found. There was different areas in Pompeii where they had these plaster casts set up. You could see how these people were twisted and scared. That is so incredibly freaky to see. You cannot help but feel for these people.

But you continue to look around and you cannot help but marvel at the city they created and how much of it is still standing. There are still frescos and mosiacs on the wall!!!

Just looking at what is left now you can imagine how great it must once have been. We walked through must of it (there was a lot and we got tired. too much traveling.) Grace and I pooped out but Su kept walking. She was everywhere.

We had purchased audio guides before entering. We decided we walked to hear about what had happened but didn't want to join a tour group cause we like to move about at our own pace. We found out after Thailand that we knew nothing about what we had seen because we didn't have any guides. So we got the audio guides. Most of the info was pretty lame. We did hear about how one house had a sign saying "beware of the dog" how awesome is that.

We were flipping through the audio guide as we walked and Su came across a poem written by a man. It is read by an Actor and given such anguish. The poem is about a man whose "my life is over, woe is me. those men are liars. A man in a white toga claims to be my friend but h had betrayed me. Oh woe who has stolen my pot." It went on from there but you could see us busting up.Some dude in a toga stole his pot and now his life is over. This has become a standing joke amongst us. When we start to whine or be dramatic we'll ask if someone stole theie pot. In the end whatever I'm feeling when I am whining is nothing compared to this poor man whose life is over because his pot has been stolen.I cannot tell you howm uch I laughed at this.

This picture above is of the amphitheater. It was at the completer other end of the city. We were sitting in the glass in the middle of it. It was much smaller than I expected. The seats were over grown with grass but there was still a feeling of contentment just sitting in the middle of it.

We caught the train back to Naples. We had spent the whole day in Pompeii instead of the 3 hours we had figured on. There was now no time to spend in Naples. But we were going to get pizza in Naples. There is this pizza called Maguerite that was created in Naples. I guess ledgend has it they made if for the queen and she liked it so much that they named it after her. So my buddy Grace really wanted to try this pizza. So we tried to find this square in her book. We found it but didn't know it. This square happened to be like an alleyway. We were starving at this point. It was dark and we just wanted to sit and eat (tho I didn't want pizza. I was so tired of pizza, I wanted pasta) We finally find this place. It had pictures of famous people who'd been there like President Clinton.We figured if he liked it it had to be good.

I didn't want any pizza so I ordered lasagne. The server told me it was lasagne pizza. I was like huh? but there was nothing there but pizza so I figured what the hell. It was so good. It was like a medium size here would be but its thin crust and not greasy so we each ate our own.We were so full and it was so yummy. We had to walk back to our hotel. ON the way back I met a man. A man namd Guliano (you have to say this out loud but as you do it you must shake your head as you say it or a gentle move your head from side to side. haha its pretty damn sexy) Guliano looked about 30 something. He was cute looking but not my type and his English wasn't that good. We had hard times understanding each other. I thought it was talking about my eyes but he was talking about my breasts. Anyways he was a funny man. He was saying how Naples women are fat. But  he said even though I had a big tummy I had big tits. I was laughing so much I wasn't offended. Guliano sorely wanted to hang out with me the next day. The next day we were off to Capri so I knew I couldn't. I tried to explain it to him but he didn't understand. He said he had friends who spoke good English for my friends.

I finally took his phone number because I couldn't get him to leave without it. He made me swear I would call him and I lied. I didn't call him because I left. He kissed me on the cheeks and had me kiss him on the cheeks. My friends got pictures of it. I didn't. He was a nice fun guy. I feel slightly bad I never called him but I still have his number.

That was my day!! I kind of miss lasagne pizza.

supak00 says:
"whoa is me...someone broke my pot" LOL
Posted on: Oct 24, 2007
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Pompeii! Simply Marvelous
Pompeii! Simply Marvelous
photo by: spocklogic