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The second day in Italy we spent on a train to Florence. It Italy its called Firenze, which always made me think of the Firenze in Harry Potter. Half horse- half man. Awesome. Let me say that out of the whole time I spent in Italy, Florence was my favorite city. When you exit the train station there is just a good feeling in the air. The city has a great vibe to it.

Our hotel was a few blocks from the station so we walked over. We were one block away from the river.

But before I forget I would like to tell you about an experience I had in the train station. Parents watch out for your kids in train stations. We were standing waiting for the train when we notice an older gentleman watching me.

At the Uffizi which I never made it inside
His eyes are following me. I thought I was the only one to see it but my friends were careful of him too. Finally he approached. Now picture this. An older man, say late sixties, a little hunched over. He comes over to 3 youngs girls. He is smacking his lips together. He approaches and looks at me and tells me I am very beautiful. How nice of him. Then he proceeds to tell me that my breasts. They are "a nice size". Still smacking lips. Then he tells us to have a nice visit and walks away.

We burst into laughter.

Another creepy train station story. This happened the first night in Rome. We were on the train when I noticed someone watching me. You know when someone is staring and you look at them they will look away. No not this guy.

He continued looking at me. Throughtout the whole entire train ride. When we get to the exit he also exits with us. I take the moment to tell my sleeping friend to watch him. We get on the escalator and he happens to be right in front of me. He turns and is watching me the whole way up. I'm looking at my friends and my friend is like 'Dude he's starring at you'. Luckly he takes a different bus than us. But he gets on and sits down. Then moves when he can't see me. His bus finally takes off and I wave like 'buh bye stop starring' Then I promptly forget about him. We get on our bus to sit down but it doesn't leave for about 20 minutes. 5 minutes after we board it. The guy comes back and talks to our driver. I'm like no way you just left. I got scared. I slid down in my seat hoping he wouldn't see me. It was funny. My friend was laughing at me.

As my friend Su said we've never been hooted and hollared at as much in our lives as we did there.


But I'm in Florence now and we are spending the night here and the next day here so we take a train to Pisa to see the leaning Tower. I figured it would lean a little bit but I was surprised. We had to walk throughout the whole town to get to the Leaning Tower. We get to the point where we know it is just ahead. We turn a corner and there is this tower and its leaning and its so funny and ridiculous. It seriously is leaning. When you look at it from the bottom, half of the tower looks to be underground. It was nearly nighttime when we arrived and my camera takes crappy pictures at night so I have none to show you of it. But I'm sure you've seen it before. We played around the tower for a while. Took lots of pictures with out film cameras and then went to go eat.

This meal had to be my favorite in Italy. We had wine with dinner, we shared pizza, had cannollini (we pronounce it so different then they do). We were sitting outside and music was playing. We were in candle light. We had cappuchinos. It was an awesome night.

Since I have no pictures of anything related to this day I'll show you this one of my friend Grace and I. This was in Rome right after we'd seen the Coliseum. We were holding hands. I forget why but my other friend who took the picture was laughing at us.

Have a great friday!!!

P.S. those bags we are carrying were so freaking heavy at one point. I had red marks onmy shoulders from it.

P.P.S. The hotel we had in Florence was up 5 flights of stairs. There was no elevator. With 22 pounds of clothes on your back and a heavy bag on your front thats a lot of stair.

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At the Uffizi which I never made i…
At the Uffizi which I never made …
photo by: spocklogic