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The Duomo.. under construction

Day 4 started off with a train trip. We grabbed a train from Florence to Milan. We took the wrong train. Oh it got us there but it was a higher class train and we had to pay more and we were separated because they had reserved seats. This girl who sat across from me on the train was absolutely beautiful. I admit I starred at her for a very long time. But she was absolutely gorgeous. She looked similar to Angelina Jolie. She was what I thought an Italian beauty would look like.

We arrived in Milan and dropped off our luggage at a baggage check.

We had problems grabbing the Metro cause we couldn't read the language and didn't know how to buy a ticket. A nice English group helped us out. We hopped on the train and went to the fashion district. Oh what we thought was the fashion district. We ended up walking around and finding the Duomo.

The Duomo in Milan is the third largest Gothic church in the world. This was the first church we went inside of and it was so large. I was raised Catholic and left all that at age 16 but I've always loved the feeling of churches. I suppose if I had that same feeling about God I would still attend but I love the feeling of an empty church. The calmness and serenity of it all. I love that people created this huge churches because they believed in something so powerful to them.


This Duomo was so tall and it has statues all over it and pillars reaching towards heaven.

We read in a book how many there were and there is something like 3,000 sqtatues covering the church and a 1,000 pillars. It was so breathtaking. made me feel all spiritual again.

They were doing some rennovation work so you can't really see it but this place was magnificant.

This being Milan we did some shopping. May I highly recommend shopping at H & M. It a Swedish (I believe) clothing store. Imagine a Forever 21 store with excellent quality and thats an H & M. Its got incredible clothes and great prices. The quality is very good. They have them on the east coast. I've shopped at the ones in New York. I have actual articles of clothing I bought there 5 years ago that is still in style and that I can still wear. and it cost $13.00 when I bought it. I cannot recommend H & M highly enough.

If you havethe chance you must shop there.

Anyways there was one in Milan and we spent a lot of time in it. It was actually right next to the Duomo. Just on the left side looking at that picture up above.

This structure is the Vittorio Emmual II. It was named after some famous person (puhaha I would make a great tour guide) This place is so neat. But expensive. In here is the flagship Prada store. It has Gucci, Guess, Louis Vuitton and tons of other. We only window shopped here. In the center of this building in a glass ceiling.

We were there sort of late but can you imagine the midday sun shining through this? wow. Directly underneath this was this brillant tile work.

We sat at a pretty outdoor cafe after our shopping. We were worn out. We had sandwiches. (meal came with water sandwich and coffee for 4 Euros, what a steal). The sandwiches were warm. They reminded me of my younger days when I would make english muffin pizzas in the toaster. It was a good memory.

We left shortly after and took a train over to venice. We arrived at about 11 at night. here we had our first real language problem. We hadn't written down our hotel address correctly. We could not find it. All we knew was to head to San Marco. We find a pay phone and try to call the place. The man does not speak English. We get hung up on three times. (bad calling card, not the poor guy trying to understand us). I had second bat. I tried speaking Spanish (I knew a bit of it) I get the street name butI don't know how to find it.

Riding to Venice
Su tries third and and we find out we need to take a water taxi one street back from San Marco. We get off at Academia and look around lost. We finally find a person who can help. A tall black man is walking around. We instantly harass him. He speak Italilan, french and a bit of english. He assesses our problem and decided to help. He doesn't know the street but he has a cell phone. He calls the hotel and find out the address. He hangs up and says follow me. We are on the wrong side of the river. Ooops!

We walks us to out hotel. The guy on the phone knows we are coming and it waiting outside for us. Our guide apologizes for not speaking more english, we found that so odd, here we are in their country not knowing their language yet they apologize for not speaking better English. We loved them either way. We were just grateful they could speak any. We get checked in and spend our first night in Venice.

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The Duomo.. under construction
The Duomo.. under construction
Riding to Venice
Riding to Venice
photo by: williamsworld