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The first sight coming out of the subway

Upon arrival the first thing we did was take a subway train to the Coliseum. As soon as you pop out of the subway station about you is the ruins of the Coliseum. Its such an odd experience to see a ruin that is sitting in a modern day city. It has held up very well through the ages. We grabbed a guide and went inside. We were told stories of how women were equals at the time so they could not ban them from attending but it was frowned upon.

Our journey took us next to the Palatine Hill. This is where Nero had his palace that overlooked the city. It is also where the vestal virgins served.Looking down from the palace you can see the entire Roman Foro (Forum where judicial activities took place)

It is incredible to walk around in these towns.

An inside view
You can almost imagine what it must have been like thousands of years ago. You get a feel of the city. Its absolutely amazing. These buildings have seriously stood the test of time.

From here we walked around a bit and then were ravenous. We found a crappy cafe to eat (We always eat very badly the first day in a new place). We attempted to go to the Mouth of Truth. After standing in the plaza for about 20 minutes we finally found it. Only to see that it was already closed. For those of you who've seen Roman Holiday, its the mouth that they placed their hands in. If you tell a lie then it is rumored to cut off your hand. My digital pictures of it didn't come out tho.

We taxied it to the Piazza Navonne, which if you've ever been to LA, is like a Third Street Promenade. Its a big square centered with an elaborate fountain (They really love their fountains over there) It was filled with street venders and tiny shops.

We played there for a while before wondering through the alleys of Rome. We saw spray paint graffitti artists, people standing still as statues until you dropped money in their bucket, and just a general feel of the Roman city with its natives and tourists all alike and joined in the enjoyment of Rome.

We stumbled upon the Pantheon which seriously looks like a picture. Its so unreal to have a hugs circular building smack dab hidden in a square. It was so regal and so tall. I ran out of words to describe it. (damn no digital pictures of that either. I purposely thourght of pictures to take with the digital camera to post here for you. i did bad).

It was night time so the Pantheon was closed so we continued walking. We stumbled upon the Fontana De Trevi (literally Fountain of Tre = three, vi= street.

Fountain where three streets intersect). It has to be the grandest fountain I've ever seen. Rumor has it if you thrown two coins over your shoulder and make a wish it will come true the next time you come back to Rome. We of course did it.

We wondered back through the alleys and found a liquor store. In every country I've been to except the US, they have these drinks called Bicardi Breezers. They are awesome, like stronger wine coolers. My buddy Su and I each got one in Peach. You ca legally drink in the streets so we walked around chugging our breezers. No brown paper bag required here.

End of Night 1.

It still didn't feel as if we were in another country. We went to the Hotel tripping out that we were so far away from home. I opened my bag that night and found a letter written in pink market by my niece. She had written my name in hearts and totally messed up on the grammer but I knew what she meant. "don't miss me cause I will forget you. I'll take care of the guys and won't take off the braclet you gave me. Say hi to your friends and think of me at night or whenever you want cause I'll be waiting at home just for you" Then she put on lipstick and kissed it. I was so loving her at that moment. I'd been gone less than 2 days and I already wanted my Nana.

Ferreira says:
I was there last century ;-)
so it was good to remember those sights :-)
Posted on: Nov 07, 2007
jefrois says:
very cool blog, will definitely put it too use when I go to Roma :)
Posted on: Oct 29, 2007
supak00 says: did you remember the names?!
Posted on: Oct 24, 2007
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The first sight coming out of the …
The first sight coming out of the…
An inside view
An inside view
Fountain de trevi
Fountain de trevi
Random statue. I like em
Random statue. I like em
photo by: vulindlela