VALENCAY Aoc,a goat's cheese shortened by NAPOLEON!

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Valençay,a truncated pyramidal goat's milk cheese which made furious Napoléon.

                                Valençay cheese,like Pouligny-Saint-Pierre is a soft,unpressed goat's milk cheese,pyramidal in shape but with the top cut off.The legend says that,Napoléon(the "great" one) coming back from his desastrous campaign in Egypt,had a dinner in Valençay.Seing the local pyramidal cheese which brought back to him unpleasant memories,the Emperor drew his sword and cut the top off leaving the shape that survives nowadays.

                               Produced in the province of Berry in central France,named after the town of Valençay in Indre department,it is made following traditional method with unhomogenised full-fat milk from Alpine or Saanen goats which must have pasturage and be fed with raw materials produced in the geographical area.

Valençay cheese;its natural rind is darkened with a dusting of charcoal

                               It is made from a predominantly lactic mixed curd,placed directly in the mould without being broken up or pressed and then left to drain naturally.Then the cheese is left to ripen for no less than seven days.Before marketed,it is darkened with a dusting of charcoal.Wheighing around 200g and around 7 cm high,its surface mold is mostly light grey to blue grey in colour and aged,has a nutty taste.

                              Wine pairing:a white wine like Chablis?


Chokk says:
Well - It is not often I do what I like - almost all the time I end up with coffee:)
Posted on: Aug 16, 2009
bernard69 says:
you are "early"!
Posted on: Aug 16, 2009
Chokk says:
I would also go for chablis, but I think I can even drink that for breakfast
Posted on: Aug 16, 2009
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Valençay,a truncated pyramidal  g…
Valençay,a truncated pyramidal …
Valençay cheese;its natural rind …
Valençay cheese;its natural rind…
photo by: bernard69