Epoisses from Bourgogne(Burgundy),my fav cheese ,soft and very smelly!

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a smelly soft cheese,washed with Marc de Bourgogne 's spirit

Epoisses,a village of 800 people is home in its center of a nice castle.It is situated around halfway between Dijon and Auxerre in Côte d'Or,a département of Bougogne(Burgundy).But Epoisses is wellknow because of the eponymous cheese,an unpasteurized cows-milk cheese,pungent.Most of the French consider it smelly.Because it is soft,it is shaped in a wooden box.It is most creamy from July to February and contains 50% of fat.It's a soft washed-rind cheese,washed in marc de Bourgogne,the local spirit.It is circular,commonly sold in a shape of 10 cm in diameter and  its color is red-orange.Like Brillat-Savarin,the great epicure and gastronome of the 18 th century in France who classed it as the king of all the cheeses,like Napoléon I (the great!!) who was fan of it,I'm very fond of this"delicacy" with a very strong odor(reportedly it has been banned from French public transport :according to Wikipedia but as French,I can't believe it!)

It is said that the first Epoisses was made by monks of the Abbaye of Citeaux in the heart of Burgundy.

Epoisses castle
Epoisses is made from milk of cows which have grazed for 3 months in the meadows of Burgundy.It is first washed with salty water,then kept in a cellar during one month.Then it is washed several times with a mix of water and Marc de Bourgogne.

In 1991 Epoisses was awarded AOC status.



The visit of this impressive Medieval and Renaissance castle,ancient fortress surrounded by a double fortification is feasible from the 01/07 to 30/08 everyday except Tuesday  at 10-12 14-18 and costs 7 euro (3,5 under 12).You can have a free Epoisses tasting from the  Fromagerie Berthaut.All the year,from 9 to 19 for 2 euro, people can visit the outside.Don't miss the pigeon house of the XVth century  with 3000 pigeon seats and the old houses in the outer court where villagers in the war time should be protected.

contact: 33( 0)1 42 27 73 11 or 33( 0)3 80 96 40 56



KeikoCreative says:
Yup that is made from soya bean milk. I'd tried once in Singapore, luckily is not that smelly and stinky the taste is really very nice:)
So now u speak singlish too :D OK lah I will wait for u in MRT:P Don't forget to tell me which line ok?:P ha ha ha:P
Posted on: Jun 17, 2009
bernard69 says:
I did in France:)but that's not cheese,this panacea is made from soybean milk.I got a cheese for yr next trip in MRT,lah:)
Posted on: Jun 16, 2009
KeikoCreative says:
Not sure when u are in China, did u try the stinky smelly tofu? I heard the taste is very nice too:P
Posted on: Jun 16, 2009
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a smelly soft cheese,washed with M…
a smelly soft cheese,washed with …
Epoisses castle
Epoisses castle
photo by: bernard69