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Chaource cheese with a creamy ivory-colored paste and white rind

                           Named from a small village of the Champagne-Ardennes region,Aube department in the east of France,Chaource cheese is an unpasteurized cow's milk cheese,cylindrical in shape,10-15 cm in diameter,6 cm thick with a 50% fat content.It is similar to Camembert cheese but with a creamier texture:it melts in the mouth!

                It has a white downy (penicillium candidum) edible rind,sometimes spotted with red patches and a ivory-colored center.In the young cheeses,the paste is light yellow with a chalky texture but when aged,it becomes very creamy,almost liquid.

Chaource cheese
Maturation time is around 2 months.

                It has a nutty flavor and is little bit salty when fully matured.The best Chaource cheeses are made in Spring.

               CHAOURCE,a village of 1100 residents offers 2 highlights:   -a 12th-16th centuries church

                                                                                              -an interesting cheese Museum open except Tuesday from 0090 -1200 and 1400-1800.

Chokk says:
Posted on: Jul 01, 2009
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Chaource cheese with a creamy ivor…
Chaource cheese with a creamy ivo…
Chaource cheese
Chaource cheese
Chaource cheese
Chaource cheese
photo by: bernard69