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CERVELLE DE CANUT,literally silkworker's brain is the traditional cheese in Lyon,a beaten cow's milk fresh cheese flavored with herbs

                           Silkweaving was the traditional craft in Lyon and this cheese is named after the canuts working the silk mills in the nineteenth century,probably because these poor workers could not afford to buy meat or brain.

                           This cervelle de canut or also named claqueret is not strictly speaking a cheese but a speciality,a dish made most often with fresh cow's milk cheese,sometimes added with a small goat's milk cheese or/and  thinned with cream.It is beaten and  flavored with herbs like parsil, chives,shallot or garlic,salt and pepper,oil and vinegar.It must be refined a couple of days to get the herbs aroma.

                          It may be eaten as a main course with cooked pork meats and potatoes or enjoyed at the end of the of the meal and eaten with a spoon.

                         This traditional cheese is eaten by very few Lyon people but mostly by few tourists(who don't understand French:)  in the bouchons(local restaurants serving a traditional fatty cuisine that I abominate!).

                         One restaurant among the thousand in Lyon is humorously named Le Canut Sans Cervelle,literally the brainless silkworker!

ladyluck13and7 says:
Oh Francis! Vous etes mechants!
Posted on: Aug 20, 2010
fransglobal says:
Oui, je la connais, mais je n'oserais pas citer les noms!
Posted on: Aug 20, 2010
bernard69 says:
comme tu poses la question,je pense que tu en connais la réponse:)
Posted on: Aug 20, 2010
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CERVELLE DE CANUT,literally silkwo…
CERVELLE DE CANUT,literally silkw…
photo by: spocklogic