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I arrived in Oxford on a Monday evening, and after a quick wander around the city, I got a cab to my hotel. The trip seemed longer than I thought it would be, and I was hoping I would be able to walk into the city. The cab driver was a very nice man, full of stories! On arrival, the staff at the hotel were pleasant and had me checked in within seconds, which I appreciated at the time (I really had to get off my feet!)

I settled into my room, which was fine, and relaxed for a while, before showering and heading down to the hotel's restaurant for a bit of grub. I had bruschetta and "posh" fish and chips (same as fish and chips, but with monkfish rather than cod), and is was decent, the service was good too.
For the duration of my meal I was forced to listen to an american man who I couldn't see (he was in the opposite side of the restaurant) shout about Jesus and God. He was quite the preacher, talking for 15 minutes straight before I heard a faint mumble from someone else! Up until that point I wondered if he was talking to himself! After dinner I headed in for a pint in the Dragon bar. The Stella Artois was quite gas-heavy, but it helped me relax before heading to bed!

I got a wake up call at 7am, but didn't manage to get up till after 8. The fan kept me nice and cool through the night, and the room was icy cold when I woke up (much nicer than it being like a blast furnance anyway!) I showered, grabbed my camera and headed off for the city centre to do a bit of exploring. En route I stopped off in the restaurant for a bit of breakfast.
The full English wasn't nearly as good as a full Irish, with some strange flavoured sausage, and the lack of pudding was disappointing too! The tea was extremely weak, but they had delicious fresh orange juice, which went down well! I walked into the city centre, and it only took about 20 minutes. I was shellshocked by the size of some of the houses on the way in!

I must admit I loved just walking through the streets of Oxford, it felt like time goes more slowly for some reason. Everyone is calm and seems to be care free! I stopped off in a bookshop and bought a guidebook to Oxford, which I have yet to read! So far, I've gotten around armed with my CitySightseeing Tours map! I loved "The High" (High Street), the Botanic garden and the view from Carfax Tower. All Souls college is simply amazing, as is Radcliffe camera.
The Bodleian Library looks more like an ancient cathedral than a library from the outside. I enjoyed a nice lunch in "Bonjour" on High St, and drifted into some shops on Cornmarket St, Magdalen St, Clarendon Shopping Centre and Westgate Shopping Centre.

I had an appointment at 3pm so didn't have much time to burn, but the time I was brilliant. I returned at about 5pm to do a quick spot of shopping and got a bite to eat. I walked back to the hotel for the third time in the day, with blisters burning my feet. I was never so happy to get back to my room! The plan for tonight is to go down to the hotel bar, hopefully watch Man United beat Sheffield United, and then relax in front of the TV before heading to sleep! Another 7am wakeup call has been booked for tomorrow, I'm hoping to catch a glimpse of the other side of Oxford in the morning before I head back to Gatwick for my flight home!

I've taken plenty more photos, but the Wi-Fi in the hotel is terrible, so I'll upload them when I get back to Ireland!
joelennon says:
Thanks for all the comments! I really did love the day I spent there, and while it might not be the liveliest place in the world, I think that's where its beauty lies. It's the kind of place you could go if you wanted to just walk around and enjoy the peace and quiet!
Posted on: May 10, 2007
petit_gooroo says:
"I must admit I loved just walking through the streets of Oxford, it felt like time goes more slowly for some reason." >>> That's exactly how I felt in Oxford! This place is so special =)
Posted on: May 10, 2007
infatuated_w_culture says:
i found oxford very quiet--which can be nice, but also a bit boring! I am more into the wackier sides of england--- but i did find a great pub that i sat and read in for hours there-- my camera ran out of battery right after i got off of the train and so I popped into boots to buy a disposable---this was a year ago and i STILL havent gotten it developed. im gonna get on that this week! thanks for reminder. ciao
Posted on: May 09, 2007
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photo by: petit_gooroo