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I'm sure this blog will contradict most of what I wrote in my previous blog on the first account I had here on TB, but that is not of importance. I do not deny that, yes; I for a time was not 100% thrilled with my stay in Colombia. However, much of this (though not all, naturally) had a lot to do with my living situation. A newly widowed aunt, her daughter (my cousin) a bit of a control freak, my cousin's husband a neglected husband and their 13 year old son as rambunxious as any 13 year old should be while at the same time in desperate need of his parents to seek help with their marriage or split; no more games of tug-o-heart for that boy. Needless to say I was living with my family at an undoubtedly very stressful time, making communication hard and living with them even harder... But, I don’t deny that I love my family with all my heart, and I am forever grateful for the life changing experience they allowed me to experience while living with them. This blog, however, is not going to be based on the negative aspects of my trip. I’m pretty sure that I have dwelled long enough on those thoughts. Rather, I want to utilize this blog to express how much I truly miss Colombia; the atmosphere, the food, the people, the natural wonders. Please enjoy!


As summer approaches and our once cold, sleepy home here in Pennsylvania warms up, the traditions that my family carried with them here to the States begin to rekindle as well. Family parties with all sorts of food; Rice and beans, fresh fruits, grilled meats and the more exotic, traditional favorites like Bandeja Paisa, Arepitas made on the grill, and one of my favorites, the multitude of fruit juices galore! Even the weather is a reminder of the region of Colombia from which we come; Medellín, The City of Eternal Spring. As an American, I cannot say I feel obligated to say that I am very proud of my birth land and what we stand for and what we fight to stand for; freedom. That is all purely natural. However, my roots and part of my heart remain in Colombia, a place that almost half a century ago my abuelita left to provide a better life for her children in a time of political and social turmoil and depression in their homeland. A time when mobs and drug lords ruled the country, when nothing stood in there way that wasn’t dealt the card of death to see that it no longer interfered. Now, Colombia has seen a time like it has never seen before. The violence that once plagued the tiny towns nestled in the natural formations of Colombia is nearly gone, and in its place has sprung the agricultural and industrial means of wealth that Colombia is known for in our global economy. Now more than ever before is the time to visit Colombia and experience all that it has to offer, both natural and man made beauty, pre-colonial, post colonial and modern day marvels and of course all the tangible goodies that money can buy!

tomassgringo says:
Anyone that visits Colombia wants others to know what a great place it is!! I was so impressed, I am still making my plans to live there!!
Posted on: Jun 22, 2009
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