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I greeted Melanie ( mbates89) when she first joined TravBuddy and soon found out that she was coming to Tunisia. It would be her first time flying and first time out of the country. We talked lots about all the things that were different here in Tunisia and what she should expect. She was only coming for 2 weeks and had a busy schedule while here but we planned that one day we would find the chance to meet up. After lots of chats and going back and forth, Melanie and I finally got to meet. Her and her husband would be driving through the Tunis area on there way to Nebuel so we would meet at The Lake. Im not sure if that is the official name but if you say to any Tunisian..The Lake, they know what you mean. It is a very nice upscale newer developed area. The American Embassy is located in this area along with many finer dining restuarants, cafes and shopping. If you want Indian, Chinese or Japanese foods you will find them here. I have only been to the Indian one, Indian Place, and I wasnt that impressed. Especially after spending 45 dinar on 2 meals. (the average good local meal is about 6 dinar a person) Anyway I got the call from Melanie that they were at the Lake and at Miami Beach cafe. So Hamza and I drove there, looked around but didnt see them. After a phone call, they were walking around and would arrive a back in a few minutes. Hamza and I ordered our drinks, tea with mint for me and espresso for him, another 10 minutes passed so I went to the front of the cafe to look for them. No sign of them. the area we were in had about 10 cafes all linked together with an open area in the middle overlooking the Lake. Its when I noticed directly across from us was Miami cafe. So after another phone call to find out they were sitting at Miami cafe and we were at Miami Beach cafe....yeah go figure....they came over to where we were. I got to see pictures of their wedding day and all the many places she has visited. We were laughing at the things we missed that werent here. (McDonalds, oreos, and why do they put tuna on their pizza) It was good that someone was understanding me. LOL We had a great time chatting and laughing. Soon it was time for them to leave to continue onwards to Nebuel. Melanie will be leaving here this Friday to go back to the US and I leave myself in 9 days to head back. Im sure we will meet up again there as we will both be living in the midwest!!! Gotta love TravBuddy!!!


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photo by: tj1777