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Holy Saturday in Jerez

Saturday of Glory in Jerez. Holy Saturday celebrations are very famous in that town, as they feature the famous "burning of Judas", a Judas-shaped piñata that is set to burn for having betrayed Jesus. We were told the celebrations are very lively so we decided to take a tour and go. In the end, the tour was totally worthless, as the mess was such that you couldn't follow the guide even if you wanted. Think of the amount of people at Bourbon St., during Mardi Gras. And the amount of alcohol as well.

We were late for the "burning", but we could see a bit of the charro exhibition, just guys on a mexican suit walking their horses around downtown. I am not sure why but I wasn't carrying my cellphone, so when I lost my friends (and that happened pretty early during the day), I couldn't find them anymore.

The church of Jerez
After an hour looking for them, I decided I would tour on my own.

One of the things I did was visiting the local museum, that was featuring the paintings of a local artist: Marta Muro. I totally fell in love and asked the museum clerk if by any chance I could get to talk to her. She lived in a house nearby, but escaped the noise of the town and was away for a few days. I had the idea to organize a painting exhibition in Chihuahua, as I was sure people over there would appreciate her art. The dream came true, and we did organize the painting exhibition, of which I wrote in a separate blog.

It was late in the evening when I finally found my friends, and they were all wasted drunk. Lol. At least I could save myself from the mayhem and enjoyed the day in a totally unexpected way.

montecarlostar says:
I know hahaha Mexico's got some really outrageous traditions. But I am sure this one must be cool. I would like to see it some other time hehe
Posted on: Feb 07, 2011
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Holy Saturday in Jerez
Holy Saturday in Jerez
The church of Jerez
The church of Jerez
photo by: montecarlostar