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Waking up this morning was painful - after our full day of adventure activities yesterday in Triglav National Park, my body was of course a bundle of aching muscles. The first pain I felt was in my thumbs...that's when I knew it was going to be bad!

Anyway when we finally got on the road, we decided to walk to Vintgar Gorge which was about an hour's trek away. The sun was beating down and hot as hell, but the countryside was so fresh and green, you just had to appreciate it no matter how hot and tired you were. It was very much like The Sound of Music, just with no people! We also got a little worried when we got into the forest and could see absolutely no one on the walking trail...and no signs.
..and no cars...and it was very very quiet.

Trotting down a set of stairs, suddenly there was a ticket office selling ice creams, very modern toilets, and throngs of people sitting around in the shade. I'm sure there was some sort of shortcut we missed because they all looked relatively fresh compared to us, covered in sweat and red as lobsters. Anyway, the trek there was totally worth it because the gorge was absolutely gorgeous.

The water was again so clear and pure, you could see all the way to the bottom and the urge to swim in it was overwhelming. However, the river runs very swiftly through the gorge and we were warned repeatedly that it was extremely dangerous to enter the water. However, temptation was there, and we took an in-between road by just (daringly) edging down to the banks to fill up our water bottles with the ice-cold water. What rebels.

The river twisting through the Vintgar Gorge is filled with amazing rapid formations, slow moving tranquil spots and spectacular falls, all surrounded by lush greenery and dramatic towering rock faces. It was definitely one of my favourite places, and maybe next time I visit I'll dare to dip a toe into the water.
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Vintgar Gorge
photo by: joseph98