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Me on the left, my brother on the right!

Lol this trip was quite special to me. If I'm not wrong, this is the last time I have ever travelled with my brother. I had to attend a small training session in Saltillo and didn't want to go there alone, so my bro went with me. We had to drive about 9 hours from Delicias to Saltillo, but with my crazy driving I think it was a lot less than that. I remember that we arrived very late at night and were frustrated as we couldn't find any decent hotels downtown (I didn't plan as much when travelling back then). We finally found one at about 3 AM, lol.

Next day I was sleeping at the conferences, but when the day was over, I could walk a bit of downtown Saltillo with my brother. It was very nice. The state of Coahuila is geographically considered north in the mexican republic, but culturally I think it is more south.

View from the Museum of the Desert
It was colonized and populated by mestizos coming from the south, but also by a lot of peaceful tlaxcaltecan indians who where brought by the spanish to help peacify the local indians. Therefore, much of the southern culture of the colony was transferred there.

The main block of the city is charming. I remember being very impressed by the cathedral, and as the main square is all surrounded by old buildings you have a nice feeling of travelling back in time. The next day we visited the Museum of the Desert, one of the most important museums in Nothern Mexico. They have a wonderful collection of dissected local animals, and also of objects from the mexican colonial period and the modern period. Actually the museum of Paleontology of Delicias, my hometown was planned with this museum in mind.

I had a great time in Saltillo, and found the city quite lovely.

montecarlostar says:
You should! Saltillo is a small city but with some interesting stuff to see. I recommend you the Museum of the Desert! :D
Posted on: Apr 10, 2011
Dave81 says:
maybe I join my girlfriend for a short trip, she needs to go there cause of business. let's see if I can make it...
Posted on: Apr 10, 2011
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Me on the left, my brother on the …
Me on the left, my brother on the…
View from the Museum of the Desert
View from the Museum of the Desert
Spanish helmet
Spanish helmet
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photo by: montecarlostar