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So I rolled into Oslo smack dab in the middle of the morning commute. It reminded me of Seattle on certain days. Water restricts the options for alternate routes and…well I had no idea where I was so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. I had been trading text messages with Gudny who lives a bit north of Oslo and hoped she would be able to meet up for breakfast or something. It took a bit of coordination because I didn’t have a map of Oslo and she had some car troubles. However, after a bit of mutual work, she figured out where I had parked and was able to get her car situation figured out.


We walked over to a nearby café and grabbed coffee, tea and some breakfast snacks.

One of the things I decided to eat was basically a multi grain roll sliced in half with a nice bunch of brown cheese in it. Let me tell you, that cheese is awesome. I think they call it Brunost or something of that nature and apparently it’s a blend of cow and goat milk. Anyway, it’s got a hint of sweetness and it just flat out rocks. Of course, I am definitely a cheese lover anyway, but I ended up eating a lot of it on this trip because it’s not that easy to find here in Seattle.


I had a great time chatting with Gudny. We talked about a few of our past trips, what we do for work and some usual small talk, but we seemed to get along quite well for two strangers randomly meeting up! She then helped me pick out things worth seeing in Oslo and saved me the trouble of seeing some of the “other” things. This ended up being quite helpful because this is the one day it rained on my trip.

Anyway, Gudny had to head off to work so I set about exploring the city. About Noon as I was in the middle of sightseeing around Oslo it started raining. I decided to head out of the rain and into another café to get some more brown cheese! Sweet!


While I took my time, it didn’t show any signs of letting up…I had seen most everything Gudny had recommended I check out, so I decided to make use of the rain and drive over to the coast leaving my Oslo visit to a bit more than half a day. However, I did make it a point to stop by a market and buy crisps and more brown cheese (among other things) for my drive through the mountains.

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photo by: sarahsan