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After leaving Oslo, the rain never stopped that day, that just made me want to push through to the coast as quickly as possible and take advantage of doing lots of driving while the outdoors was uncooperative. A few hours out of Oslo I began climbing into the mountains and of course, rain turned into snow! There were very few cars on the road up here, nobody passed me except when I pulled over for an extended period and I only saw the occasional truck coming the other direction. At one point it became a literal white out and I could not see more than about ten meters in front of my car. The other amazing thing was that I was literally driving across mountain tops for about fifty or sixty miles. It was amazing, every time I thought I was reaching a pass; I really just drove up to a new level.


I had already driven through quite a bit before I encountered the sign for the Hardangervidda. Apparently this is the largest mountain plateau in all of Europe and covers something like 2500 square miles (about x3 for square km.) Anyway, it’s huge. However, for some reason my English speaking mind kept seeing the word “danger” in there rather than the whole word. Not that I was really worried about anything but I sure wouldn’t have appreciated a break down up there since there appeared to be few people around. I kept driving past what appeared to be ski lodges, each one darkened and quiet looking. I even stopped at the Hardanger visitor station and it was all closed up tight too! Nevertheless, it looked very cool and once again, I found that my pictures didn’t really do what I saw with the naked eye, justice.


Just as I began coming down out of the Hardangervidda I came across a view point and pulled in to take a look, the snow had turned back into rain and it had kind of slowed to a drizzle for a brief bit. Walking to the edge of the viewpoint…again, completely alone (I was there for probably an hour and I think between both directions of traffic, five vehicles went by, most of them truckers) I was impressed by the view of what must have been a 1500 ft waterfall though I’ve not been able to locate the specific waterfall info yet. I would later find just a ridiculous number of spectacular waterfalls throughout the fjord areas. Between skinny roads, majestic cliffs and waterfalls and a totally sick amount of tunnels I would make my way to Bergen from here.

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photo by: Paulovic