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I landed at Kastrup airport after my seven hour flight from Newark. Personally, I find two main advantages when going to Europe from Seattle in making a transfer on the East Coast. One, I end up with basically a five hour flight then a seven hour flight instead of a twelve hour flight (give or take.) This allows me to get out and stretch my legs, usually eat something better than airline food (depending on the airport of course and layover length.) On the way home, I go through the customs debacle at the first point of entry into the US. So once I board my flight home, all that is done and generally everything goes a whole lot quicker when I reach home.


Anyway, arriving in Denmark, I pretty much immediately headed for the train which would take me to Sweden.

After reviewing the potential logistics and also knowing I would have jet lag kicking in soon enough, I decided to save Copenhagen for the end of my trip. Going to Malmo to pick up my car saved me a clear 30% on the cost of a rental car for the roughly two weeks. I’d reviewed options in Norway, Denmark and Sweden for various possible starting points and the combination of airfare to Copenhagen and car rental in Sweden just happened to be the perfect mix. So I hopped on the train and headed across the Oresund Bridge. The view wasn’t particularly remarkable, but it was cool to know that you were basically traveling from one country to another via a bridge across a sea.


Upon arriving at the Central Station in Malmo, I soon began to discover I had absolutely no idea what people were saying.

Twisting Torso in Malmo
I mean when I travel to places that speak romance languages (Spanish, French, Italian, etc.) I can generally pick out a fair amount of vocabulary, often enough to kind of figure out the gist of what someone might be talking about. In Sweden, not so much. Well okay, I figured out Hej pretty quick, but beyond that…


After running all my errands, getting checked into my hotel, picking up my rental car, etc. The tiredness of being up for basically 24 hours or more was finally kicking in. I took a shower…absolutely the best thing after a full day of travel and crashed hard. In the morning, I was up early as per usual with international travel for me and got to discover one of the best things about hotels in Scandinavia. Breakfast. Breakfast is absolutely the bomb! It’s huge and they don’t skimp. Waffles, meatballs, cold cuts, cheeses, granola, fruit, eggs, sausages, pretty much a breakfast smorgasbord. I’m usually a one bowl of cereal in the AM kinda guy, but I made the adjustment to about a four course breakfast real quick! A great way to start off my trip.


PS – one remarkable sight in Malmo is the Twisting Torso building. I walked all over the city for a couple hours starting very early in the morning and took a few pictures of it. A very interesting piece of architecture.

CloverChan says:
wow nice pics ^^ always wanted to go sweden
Posted on: Sep 13, 2009
VinaR says:
sweet pic of the twisting torso!
Posted on: Jun 17, 2009
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Twisting Torso in Malmo
Twisting Torso in Malmo
photo by: the_bill